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Fundraising By Shopping Online

After years of "making do" and learning creativity through scrounging I have come to appreciate frugal ways and to see the error - yes, even the sin, of self-indulgence. I mean specifically, buying everything that delights our eyes. So it is with great restraint and some warnings about extremes that I tell you about this option for raising money for your good cause.

Generally most people are different from me. They love to shop, and can hardly stop. Shopping online has many wonderful features. Even I, as a very practical person, do it now. But are you aware that if you stop to login to a free account you set up at one of a number of rebate or cash-back portals, and then click on the online store where you want to buy something, then you will get a rebate, or cash back from your purchase. It doesn't happen immediately, but if you are a frequent and heavy shopper online, it will add up!

Okay, let's say you are like me, and very frugal or can't afford to do much shopping online. In that case you should still sign up with these rebate portal sites like BigCrumb, eBates (and if you are a Canadian, the GreatCanadianRebate site). That way you can get a few dollars or at least some change back on the things you do order online.

But wait, some of these portals allow you to make a commission off the purchases of those who have signed up from your invitational link. So if your ministry or charity signs up, and you get all your staff to sign up under your link, and they get their friends to do the same, then the commissions that will drop into the account of your ministry or charity will grow nicely!

If you know some rich and prolific shoppers and can persuade them to do this little extra step BEFORE they purchase things online, and then donate their rebate money to your mission, you will have a quiet little stream of income dribbling in. Get several kindly-minded, supportive people to do that, and they will be giving painlessly to your worthy cause.

The ones I have joined and can recommend are;
- the one I seem to use most often.

eBates - also pays you $5 for each person who signs up after clicking on your link, and $30 if three people sign up. - gives you $2 for signing up! And a bit of extra commission when your friends who sign up under you do any shopping through this portal.

Another NEW opportunity is going to eclipse these for making you commissions if you sign up. Again, it is free to do so. They will send you notices of tremendous specials in your local area. You can take advantage of them and get a commission as well. But if you have friends all over the world signed up under you, you will also get a commission on the shopping they do in their area or country! The Customer Advantage is the thing to sign up for now. It will take a while for the funds to come rolling in, but their momentum is picking up - the plan is good - so I believe this one will pay off well in the long run as a good fundraiser. For yourself personally, and also for your mission, or charity or whatever your non-profit venture is!

Ruth Marlene Friesen Your Hostess

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