Linking Hands - a Medical Mission

(Notes from the Global Nomad). is an inter-denominational, Christian mission. An organization dedicated to follow the command of Jesus Christ in reaching out to the poor and needy worldwide.

The main mission of is to mobilze and connect healthcare workers to humanitarian projects world wide. There is a firm desire to introduce folk to the Great Physician who can transform their lives.

There is a great need for His children to express love and mercy to a broken and hurting world. This being the main essence and purpose of Linking hands, the ministry is dedicated in exhorting Christian health professionals to link hands across the globe, to invest their time and skills to the underprivileged, and spread forth His mercy and love.

The website gives an amazing overview of specific opportunities for medics to explore and in which to become involved either in a specific project or ongoing longer-term initiatives. Well worth visiting the site.

Ruth Marlene Friesen Your Hostess

Lessons in Giving