Generosity on Wheels.

Enabling folk to become more mobile, is a wonderful vision. So often we take for granted our mobility which has been so wonderfully designed and provided for us. Yet many thousands of folk are very limited in their mobility as a result of conflicts in their area or an accident or even some complications in early life. My experience has been that such people show tremendous courage and cheerfulness within their restrictiveness.

Tulupi is a radiant example. Left to spend endless days in a dimly lit bamboo house, in the mountains of a Pacific Island nation, her lovely little frame was distorted and movement  extremely complex – yet she was so communicative and seemed to posses a spirit of determination – even expectancy. A colleague, who knew her language fluently,  sought to gain expert assistance for her in another country as her immediate family were unable to help and just seemed to have resigned to the fact that Tulupi would always be as she was then. Such a beautiful spirit in such an unlikely place.

Today, there are projects seeking to fill this gap…..

Freewheelchair Mission is generously seeking to give people wheels so that they can enjoy life to the full. This amazing group are sending out container loads of  new wheelchair kits to countries that have been damaged by conflicts. A good friend of mine in Liberia is just about to receive such a special donation of 500 wheelchairs from a multitude of generous donors, this week. Once the kits are landed in the recipient country, then local volunteers assemble the chairs and distribute them around the country to those to whom they will be such a blessing. This is truly “Generosity on Wheels”. If you would like to know more and even be part of the project, then check out their website: 

If you would like to assist my friend with the extra costs of assembly and transport within Liberia, then do let me know. He would be so grateful.

Global Nomad

21 September 2007