Generous Patience (3)

One cool evening on board our exhibition ship berthed in The Waterfront at Cape Town, a family was exploring the Book Fair. One of the youngsters was in a wheel chair and had challenges with co-ordination but was so cheerful and friendly.  I enquired if the father would like to have a tour, even with his son for part of the inside of the vessel. The father felt he would rather stay on the upper deck and care for his son, warmly wrapped in a blanket, while I took his daughter and family friends on a tour. 

This was a classic example of caring, generous patience.  The son’s excitement to see all the family back again and the father’s appreciation were wonderful blessings to us.  It is a memory-photo that I will treasure. 

Global Nomad

28 July 2008

Resources to Enrich [4]

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Global Nomad

24 July 2008

Generous Patience (1)

One of the most amazing examples of patience, coupled with tenacity, that I ever experienced was while visiting a Shaftesbury Centre in my home town,in the UK, some years ago with a class from the school where I was teaching at the time. We were touched and humbled by the quality of courage that was shown there in overcoming formidable physical limitations. One young man intrigued us as he patiently worked with a modified typewriter to produce stories or assignments. His arms were constantly moving and it was a major feat for him to bring them under control. He would determinedly hover around one of the holes in a specially designed frame fixed over the typewriter keyboard until he located the right letter he needed and then adeptly bash the stick in his hand through the hole to activate the key and print a letter. Once this was achieved he would work on the next letter and so on until the article was completed. Truly amazing and such an inspiration to the visiting pupils.  They returned to their school with a renewed dedication to use all their faculties to the full and seek to be more industrious in their studies.  Such an example of generous patience by a young author and all his dedicated staff. Global Nomad24 July 2008