Detailed Generosity

Intricate detail is the hallmark of the Creator. It can be seen in the minute structure of the snowflake and in the delicate interlacing of the feathers on a bird. It is seen in the myriads of stars, the range of colours both visible to the human eye and others on the spectrum scale outside our view.

How refreshing when we experience such artistry and creativity in our daily lives. It may be the preparation of a special sweet at a Dinner Function. Recently we enjoyed the most intricate design in a cup fruit salad and cream-paste design. Often it is the thoughtfulness of detailed generosity that makes an othersise mundane event quite special. The difference can be quite a simple addition or a variation on a theme.

Bringing creative thought into our daily routine can enhance and excite as well as bring much joy unto the lives of others with whom we interface. I recall climbing above the clouds in a Pacifc island nation. Joining us along the way was a local young lady. I shall never forget her thoughtfulness and kindess as she gave us a wad of special leaves, of velvet texture, that held trapped moisture and thus provided us with a most refreshing facecloth. A gift of detailed generosity on a tropical mountainside.

Why not give thought to detail thus inspiring and enriching others’ lives.

Global Nomad
30th June 2009

Generous Conversations

Conversations come in all shapes and sizes – while travelling, sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop, meeting someone along the way, visiting exhibitions, while shopping, over the garden fence and a myriad of other locations and situations. Being generous in conversation is a precious gift. Such investment in lives can bring amazing joy and encouragement to the person with whom you converse. Taking the initiative to be friendly and strike up conversations is of immense worth. It is also a refreshment and blessing to the person who takes the initiative.

Developing this skill and lifestyle takes creativity and courage. Once started it is usually hard to stop. People were created to communicate and there is rich evidence in the history of mankind to indicate that this has happened throughout the centuries and is still alive and well today also. There are influences in this generation however that can militate against “having a chat”. The speed of life, the pressure of fulfilling commitments and maintaining schedules etc.

Why not take a conscious step towards being a person who takes time-out to talk with people around you in your daily life. The richness will be very rewarding and the investment well worthwhile. You have all the experience and skills needed right within you – share it with others. Become a “chatterbox” with a purpose…..

Global Nomad
29 June 2009