Generous Ideas

Flying has been a very key feature in the development of PNG over the past 3/4 decades. The typography of the country severely restricts the construction of an extensive road network. The geological age of the region renders it to frequent “settling-down” earth tremors which are serious factors in the road construction programme. Thus an amazing network of airstrips and airports has been developed and is the life-line for the rural populations.

There are three levels of airline:

(a) the national carrier, Air Niugini, which has some of the latest aircraft such as the Airbus, the BAe “Whisper Jet” and the Fokker Fellowship 100 and is constantly seeking to purchase models best suited to the country,
(b) the second level operators such as Air Link and Milne Bay Airlines
(c) third level airlines – community service operations – small aircraft bringing humanitarian help and spiritual hope into remote villages.

In the early days, the faithful Dakota was very active in the air transport business. Friends of mine in the highlands market town of Goroka were planning a Conference in Madang – a popular seaside tropical resort. The challenge was to transport all the delegates to and from the Conference with the minimum of cost by air. An entrepreneur soon came up with a creative idea – to use the aircraft for freight on the two empty sectors. It soon became clear that the best main freight option on the adang to Goroka sector was coconuts as they do not grow in the highlands regions but on the coast. Thus such a cargo would bring good profit returns. On the flight sector from Goroka to Madang the best freight would be fresh vegetables ? a missing delicacy in the coastal resorts. These two lucrative cargoes enabled the airfares to be well subsidised and enable many individuals to be blessed with affordable fruit and vegetables too. A very good win-win situation.

Global Nomad

29 May 2010

Police Generosity

Some people think that being a Christian and a member of the Police Service are incompatible. This normally arises from the misconception that Christians in the Police Service would have to compromise their faith in some way, but this is not so. We believe that by maintaining a strong relationship with God we can overcome temptation and having fellowship with other believers doing the same job is a means to that end.

“The Christian Police Association has been serving those in the police service for over 125 years and continually seeks to be relevant and active in its role. During the last year we have welcomed over 140 new members and yet there are still areas of the UK where we do not have a branch of CPA. Our ongoing challenge is to improve that situation. Already there are plans to launch at least one new branch during the first half of 2010.

We need everyone’s help to raise the profile of the Association and aid us in our mission of supporting and encouraging Christians in the police service and building bridges with the Christian Community. It is my prayer that you will want to join us in this mission.”
Don Axcell.

Good News
The challenges of today’s Police Service are evident as you read newspapers, watch television or listen to the radio. We believe that the Christian Police Association has a relevant, vibrant and active ministry for the Police Service which we strive to maintain.

Andrew Hawkins, Police Chaplain
“Every police officer is a human being in need of care and the gospel hope.” Have you asked yourself, “Who cares when a police officer is being attacked?”  Whether it is physical assault or an attack on one’s integrity, it seems no one cares about the man or woman who is, after all, only trying to do a job. It is a job that is increasingly difficult and if the split-second decision that is so often called for happens to be wrong it is NEWS.

In the CPA we do care about this situation and want to share a means of coping with life in the Police Service today. We have found it is possible to have a different quality of life through a personal faith in Jesus Christ. Only He can make a real, lasting difference.

With a network of local groups and contacts around the country we are here to offer help and support. In an age when there seems to be very little good news, we have a message that is relevant to the Police Service of today and we want actively to share the good news about Jesus Christ.

Many Police Forces, such as the Metropolitan Police in London, have a Chaplain. Andrew is on semi-permanent attachment and is an employee of London City Mission. He accompanies officers on patrol and works in the same way as a Chaplain appointed to one of the armed services. He sees how officers cope both on and off duty and is a regular contributor at the CPA meeting in East London.

Courtesy of CPA

Global Nomad
27 May 2010

Starfish Generosity

Having travelled extensively over the past three decades, it’s been a privilege to see many excellent and creative projects at first hand. My goal now is to generate as much help, both financial and other ways to enable these projects to prosper, develop and become sustainable.

The first one I am highlighting is an agricultural initiative by Starfish Malawi. It was a joy to network with Chris, the Founder, in a coffee shop when he was establishing this charity a few years ago. They are currently seeking to set up a programme encouraging folk to increase their crop yields and develop their farming methods. Below are some notes from the Coordinator of Starfish Malawi……

 “Farming  God’s Way”. We have done a pilot scheme this year and the results have been very good and I will see this with my own eyes shortly. FGW is a cost-effective method of farming using natural materials and our hope would be to have a demonstration garden in each of our linked schools, so that we can show others its benefits . This would not be so much for producing food for the children (though, of course, it would), but demonstrating that there are alternative methods of farming, which would preserve the soils goodness, cut down on the fertilizer costs and produce bigger harvests.If you would like to know more then click onto Starfish Malawi for contact details.
Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – I raise more, whilst saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

So be generous and donate now.

Global Nomad
24 May 2010

A Double Scoop of Generosity

We have a funny idea about generosity. Somehow we believe that generosity is limited. We assume that once a generous action is in play, that nothing can be added to it.

Recently I had a wonderful example of a double measure of generosity. I had taken our littlest one out for Baskin Robins with a coupon she had received from school. While there I noticed that 31 cent scoop day was coming up. We quickly put it on the calendar and made plans to attend this wonderful event!

On the day of this amazing sale, we lined up with the countless other people to enjoy as many of the 31 flavors as possible. Finally we got to the front of the line, picked our flavors and proceeded to the cash register. When Mindy tried to pay, the cashier said that the person in front of us had offered their change to pay for as many people as it would cover!

I couldn’t believe it. In a moment of generosity, we received a extra measure of generosity that we did not expect. The funny thing was that I felt awkward about receiving it after already being given so much. I had this idea in my head that I did not deserve another gift.

Don’t we all feel like that? As people generously bestow their ideas and thoughts on us, we sometimes want to hold up our hands and yell “TIME OUT”! Their gift seems like it is so much more than we deserve. In fact that is what Jesus did for us through His act of sacrifice and love, wasn’t it?

So next time you are blessed with an idea from someone, don’t get stuck into thinking that the generosity cup is full. Expect that the God who fills our cup to overflowing will generously invest new ideas into your life just like He invested in our ice cream adventure.
[Posted by Jon and Mindy Hirst]

Global Nomad

23 May 2010

Opportunity for Generosity (2)

“This project is a special one and steadily seeing things all come together. The desire is to establish a refreshing oasis of rest and recreation for Asian leaders. It’s been a joy to be following the project from the beginning and can recommend it to you with confidence.” Global Nomad




As you will appreciate, Eagles Rest is a new venture and there is much to be purchased and built before it can begin to adequately care for the Asian pastors and their families who will be invited to make use of its services.

For that reason we are asking that you join us in this start up phase by asking friends, church members and any others to help by contributing funds to purchase some of the larger items. Alternatively, smaller items may be purchased locally during your visit or brought into the country with you when you arrive.

Thank you in advance. What you consider a small contribution will play a major part in saving funds for other needed items as the work progresses. As the ministry has already begun in temporary premises, many items can be well utilized before the buildings are erected.

Please select from the following list (updated as needs change).

Consumable products:

Shampoos and conditioners plastic combs and hairbrushes deodorants

Soaps toothbrushes toothpaste

Bin liners dish cloths paper towels

Alfoil detergent – dishes detergent – clothes

Toilet paper – BULK disinfectant scrubbing brushes

Sponges/scourers floor cleaner face washcloths

Glad wrap spices/herbs in quantity

Linen needs

Bath mats hand towels sheet sets – all sizes

Light weight blankets tea towels(for drying dishes)

 Kitchen Items

Sets of chopsticks serving spoons general utensils

Can openers kitchen scissors assorted crockery items

Baking trays cutlery – various tongs

Peelers knives – various for all uses chopping boards

Serving dishes saucepans/frying pans mugs and glasses

***WELL SEALED plastic food storage containers***

General items

Linen baskets for accommodation rooms Buckets, mops and brooms

Pegs and clothes hangers wall clocks for rooms

Paintbrushes tins of paint – various

Tools for all aspects of building (see also larger items) curtain fabric

Curtain wires/rods White Board for school room

Supply of white board pens bags of cement

Larger Items

Piano or similar for chapel at ER. Electric water coolers (2)

Book shelves or materials to build Urns for hot water (kitchen)

Microwave oven lge. Chest freezer

Gas bottle for ovens oven

Small table/chairs for bedroom areas beds- various

Materials to build wardrobes (closet) cupboards/drawers or materials

Welding machine and grinder various hand tools

Pedal bikes motor bike for local use

Compressor wheel barrow

Global Nomad

14 May 2010

Environmental Generosity

There are many excellent projects seeking to generously share knowledge and inventive skills in areas where living is a tremendous challenge.  Knowing the Founder of Bushgproof’s father, who told me about the project a few years back, gives me great confidence in encouraging others to be involved in BushProof. Take a look at what they are seeking to achieve below and see what you think about this environmental generosity.

BushProof ~ Sustainable products & services for tough environments

BushProof is an award-winning humanitarian enterprise, started by emergency aid and development professionals. Registered in the UK and Madagascar, the company has completed contracts in several African and Asian countries. Our drinking water and renewable energy products are specifically designed to achieve maximum social and environmental benefits, and we can help you to significantly increase the impact of your projects. Many NGOs make use of our products, but we also serve private sector clients. At the same time, we’re now developing exciting market opportunities among the poor for low-cost products that create tangible financial savings and health benefits.

Community Generosity

While shopping at a local supermarket, I noted there were several young Brownies at the check out sector. A quick reconnaissance indicated they were at all the check outs.

Aha – the penny dropped, they are assisting folk with packing their grocery bags. Of course, it was a pleasure to work with them and guide them in grouping light, frozen and heavy items appropriately. In double-quick time all mt groceries were packed safely. They were so eager to assist and learn. It was a special fund-generating- community-involvement project to enable them all to be part of an Outdoor Camp later in the year.

It was so good to see them so eager to assist and genuinely desiring to do something to help others. Of course, their generous actions resulted in gifts being offered to their growing funds.  They were on a rota of shifts throughout a whole day. The project had been planned carefully by their innovative leaders.

What a delight to see such creative and genuinely thoughtful projects being initiated.

Global Hand
14 May 2010

Generosity in Management

First impressions can be special. This past week I made a rendez-vous with good friends from Scotland. We decided to meet close to a motorway junction in a hotel. Arriving early, I discovered the hotel I had in mind was hosting a mega-event and parking was nil. However, there was another hotel just a few yards away.

The welcome there was excellent and having established their location, I phoned my friends to guide them in. As they were running late, I took the opportunity to explore the hotel, talk with manager and accomplish some work in the pleasant hotel foyer.

The ambience of the hotel spoke of inititaive and thoughtfulness. It was very refreshing to learn about the management of the invidual hotel as well as the chain. The manager obviously really enjoyed his work and had built up an excellent team around him.

It was interesting to note that he was in charge of drafting his budget for the year and thus being responsible to ensure it worked out as planned. The creative ideas he shared about the hotel’s community-links and involvemnent were very encouraging to hear. 

He also appreciated the hands-on and genuine interest of the senior management team of the group. All the ingredients are surely there for a very successful business, team spirit, sense of personal ownership by the staff, creativity and quality client care.

My friends arrived and we enjoyed a light lunch. Delightfully presented, speedily prepared and cheerfully served. Such oasis of professionalism are indeed significant experiences encouraging one to confidently  recommend the hotel and the chain.

Well done, Holiday Inn Express.

Generous Welcome

Recently, I was in the city of London and there in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the business world, a couple of steps from Fleet Street, I experienced an amazing quality of generosity. A welcome that was kind, generous and rich in quality.

I was attending an evening function in a new – to me – venue in the city. Thus I took the option of arriving early to ensure I knew the building and then planned to explore the area along the Thames river for a couple of hours before the programme commenced.

The building was massive and housed a large advisory company to the international business world with offices in 14 countries and a personnel of 30,000. The entrance was spacious and yet quite plain in some ways. The welcome at the foyer counter was very friendly. Having checked my name as a delegate, the offical suggested that I have some refreshment before I explored the area. He indicated a creative and tastefully designed coffee centre and hinted that there may well be some strawberry gateaux on the menu also. While enjoying this complimentary refreshment, one of the public relations staff came over to ensure that I was doing well.

The foyer staff had already arranged to place my travelling case in their security room and had given me a tag. Such thoughtfulness was so refreshing to encounter. The welcome continued in this very generous-style when I returned. The staff were so thoughtfully thinking of the guests needs at every turn. I later discovered that some 3 or 4 events were taking place that same evening.

In the midst of high-tech and business efficiency, one experienced a very family-like welcome that included thoughtfulness, refreshment and professionalism. This indicated a very serious commitment to making every guest feel welcome. Generosity at its best…..

Global Nomad

10 May 2010 

Generosity Unwrapped

Over the past couple of years we have explored many aspects of “generosity”. I thought it might be good to take a look at a dictionary overview to assist us in our ongoing study of this amazing subject.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also look up generosity in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Generosity is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering time, assets or talents to aid someone in need. Often equated with charity as a virtue, generosity is widely accepted in society as a desirable trait.

In times of natural disaster, relief efforts are frequently provided, voluntarily, by individuals or groups acting unilaterally in making gifts of time, resources, goods, money, etc.

Generosity is a guiding principle for many registered charities, foundations and non-profit organizations.

Generosity can also be spending time, money, or labour, for others, without being rewarded in return.

Although the term generosity often goes hand-in-hand with charity, many people in the public’s eye want recognition for their good deeds. Donations are needed to support organizations and committees, however, generosity should not be limited to times of great need such as natural disasters and extreme situations.

Generosity is not solely based on one’s economic status, but instead, includes the individual’s pure intentions of looking out for society’s common good and giving from the heart. Generosity should reflect the individual’s passion to help others. In Buddhism, generosity is the antidote to the self-chosen poison called greed.

The modern English word “generosity” derives from the Latin word generosus, which means “of noble birth,” which itself was passed down to English through the Old French word generous. The Latin stem gener– is the declensional stem of genus, meaning “kin,” “clan,” “race,” or “stock,” with the root Indo–European meaning of gen being “to beget.” The same root gives us the words genesis, gentry, gender, genital, gentile, genealogy, and genius, among others.

Most recorded English uses of the word “generous” up to and during the Sixteenth Century reflect an aristocratic sense of being of noble lineage or high birth. To be generous was literally a way of complying to nobility.” During the 17th Century, however, the meaning and use of the word began to change. Generosity came increasingly to identify not literal family heritage but a nobility of spirit thought to be associated with high birth— that is, with various admirable qualities that could now vary from person to person, depending not on family history but on whether a person actually possessed the qualities. In this way generosity increasingly came in the 17th Century to signify a variety of traits of character and action historically associated (whether accurately or not) with the ideals of actual nobility: gallantry, courage, strength, richness, gentleness, and fairness. In addition to describing these diverse human qualities, “generous” became a word during this period used to describe fertile land, the strength of animal breeds, abundant provisions of food, vibrancy of colors, the strength of liquor, and the potency of medicine.

Then, during the 18th Century, the meaning of “generosity” continued to evolve in directions denoting the more specific, contemporary meaning of munificence, open–handedness, and liberality in the giving of money and possessions to others. This more specific meaning came to dominate English usage by the 19th Century. Over the last five centuries in the English speaking world, “generosity” developed from being primarily the description of an ascribed status pertaining to the elite nobility to being an achieved mark of admirable personal quality and action capable of being exercised in theory by any person who had learned virtue and noble character (Smith 2009).

Global Nomad
07 May 2010