Generosity in Poverty


Thought you would appreciate this story of generosity from SE Asia.

In March 2004… I happened to stay (after church) and talk with the elder family of the church and he mentioned about two of their grandchildren who were to be sent to the Buddhist temple to educate them by the monks as they could not care for these two boys. The mother died and the father was a drunkard. They lived with their old grandparents who were hardly surviving, struggling to get their daily food in the remote village. The drunkard father decided to send the children to the temple. The old grandmother…requested, with tearful eyes, for me to find a Christian orphanage as they did not want the children to live with the monks and become one of the monks. In the night service, eleven year old Micah played guitar and lead the songs at the service as there were just a few people in the village. I realized who these children were to be sent to the monks. My heart was pricked to help this boy and I decided to bring the two boys to my father’s house as I lived with my parents. ..

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30 June 2010

Career of Generosity

Erick was an orphan who had lived as a street child from the age of about 7 years. When he was about 10 years old he was rescued from the streets by James and Rose Osare who run the Osare orphanage in Kisumu Kenya which is about 40 miles from Siaya.

Erick did his schooling and studied business administration. He is also an English interpreter.

He agreed to leave Kisumu and join Pastor Josiah at Siaya as the administrator and coordinator for the Home of Hope orphanage. It is very unusual for a street child to finish his schooling and then help run another orphanage. Especially as the Home of Hope orphanage had no sponsors. They have just 2 dormitories for 72 children. There is also a small store room. Erick and Josiah have built themselves huts from mud and thatch. They are helped by 15 widows who live in a small mud hut on the premises and help with the children in return for food and a place to live.

What a wonderful story of a career of generosity by one who is so appreciative of all the kindness and generosity shown by others in his life. If you would like to know more about the Home of Hope where Erik serves then follow this link:

Global Nomad 29 June 2010

A Generous Portfolio

There is a difference between generosity and bragging. However, many of us struggle to distinguish that difference because it revolves around motivations. And in the face of this uncertainty many people decide not to share for fear that they will be considered prideful.

Because I am about to share my portfolio as I seek my next career step, let me take a minute to define the difference. Sharing your accomplishments or ideas is generosity when you truly want what is shared to benefit and encourage others. It is pride when your main objective is personal benefit.

So next time you are worried about sharing an idea because you may seem prideful, ask yourself who you are trying to benefit by sharing?

In this case as I present some of my work, my primary desire is to benefit a cause or organization through my work and investment in them. Although there are moments of pride when I focus on myself, I am endeavoring every day to focus on those that I can benefit and encourage through my work and ideas.


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Global Nomad  28 June 2010

Home of Hope

The Guest of the Month for June/July 2010 is Home of Hope based in Kenya. You are welcome to read all about it on the following link:  Do trust you enjoy these posts and that you will be able to share them with other friends and contacts.

It would be wonderful too if you are able to assist some of the projects highlighted.

Thank you for visiting the site.

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26 June 2010

Generous Treasure

The Treasure of Faith
July 2010
By Natalya M, Editor/Producer for TWR

One day recently the telephone rang in our TWR studio. “I am your constant listener,” the caller began. “My name is Paul, and my wife Tonya is with me. We have come from one the provinces and would very much like to meet you.” The voice was friendly and had so much hope and sincere interest that I agreed to meet the couple outside a local church on Sunday.

I did not know what to expect or what we were going to talk about, and wondered why they would want to see me. But a promise is a promise. I filled my purse with programme schedules, donation blanks and a few books as gifts for them.

As I arrived at the church what I saw was beyond all expectation! Before me was a very old couple, their faces covered by grids of deep wrinkles, but with bright smiles running across them. The tender light in their eyes dumbfounded me. I had gotten used to the busy city faces that had lost this light in the bustles of life. More often disappointment and offence are written in them.

In front of me were Paul and Tonya. For economic reasons they had bought a house in a region, but there is no church in their village and radio is the only Christian fellowship. They record the programmes and listen to them over and over again. Tonya recited to me poems from famous  classics, and Paul shared Scripture verses learned by heart. He was tenderly holding her hand, and smoothing out strands of hair that had fallen into her face. I was deeply touched by so much tender emotion at such an old age. Only God could give them such strength and joy.

They pray for grace to become 100 years old. They still work around the house, walk for two hours daily, and pray for two hours, including for TWR. They help younger neighbours, and have no time to watch TV, since they much prefer to “look into each other’s faces”!

I presented them with the books and the new programme schedules but kept the donation blanks to myself. Seeing their poor clothing, every penny must have been special to them. But when we said good-bye, Paul called me aside and presented me with an envelope. There inside was about £4.50. This donation was like the hugest treasure I had ever held in my hand. They gave not from their abundance, but out of their poverty, and it came from their hearts, from the deepest depths. And I deeply believe that God blesses such ordinary and yet such very special people.

They left tenderly supporting each other’s arms. I will forever remember those eyes filled with kindness for each other and with love for God, and their many words of thanks for our ministry. It is meetings like this that strengthen my daring to talk about God in the programmes of Trans World Radio.

Trans World Radio.
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Tel: 0161 923 0270
A non-profit-making limited company no. 782348 and a registered charity no. 233363

Global Nomad 

25 June 2010

Dogs of Generosity

Approximately 4,500 P.A.T. dogs and 108 cats provide comfort, companionship and therapy throughout the U.K. Over 130,000 people benefit every single week from the services provided by Pets As Therapy. They visit hospitals, hospices, residential homes, day care centres, special needs schools and many other establishments often working with phobic children, people suffering from clinical depression or on stroke units

Pets As Therapy are always looking for new volunteers with friendly, well behaved dogs or cats to visit patients in residential homes, hospitals etc. Please note the animals will have to be temperament assessed by Pets As Therapy. Further details:  or
telephone 01844-345445

Karyn Taylor
General Manager
Pets As Therapy
Tel. 01844 345545
Mon – Fri 9 – 5 pm

“This past week I was visiting a friend in a hospice and a PAT dog was brought round all the rooms for the residents to enjoy. He was so friendly and really enjoyed being appreciated.  So gentle. It was special to see the way that such a small service could bring such a great blessing and joy to the folk they met.” Global Nomad

Global Nomad
22 June

Generous Creativity


Hidden in the backwoods of Zimbabwe, a group of some 25 valiant women are seeking to restore some normality to their families as they creatively manufacture the most delightful soft toys for export. I came across this excellent project through a business group’s website.

One of the challenges they were facing was in the development of a professional website to handle the marketing of their products internationally. The same day that I read about this need, I was at a business-centre networking event. One of the other home-based business folk attending was a graphics man and web designer. You can imagine what happened!!

As I was talking with this highly professional graphics friend, he hinted that he would like to consider doing some pro-bono project work for charities. Amazing that he should be thinking along these lines just when this Gogo-Olive opportunity came to light. In the following weeks, emails have been flying between the three of us and some progress is taking place.

We’re just waiting now for the feedback from the Board of Trustees of Gogo-Olive which has just been registered in the UK.

Why not check out their colourful website:  Maybe you and your friends would like to order some toys from them. Generosity at work in  the depths of Africa and in the business world in London.

 “Linking people and resources to enhance lives”

Global Nomad

23 June 2010

Networking Generosity

“He opens His Hands and supplies the desires of every living creature” Psalm 145:16 It is truly amazing to watch how the Lord has provided for the ships’ Ministry, over the years. I have recorded some of the ways He has shown generosity towards us. I would like to share about just one incident in more detail. A wise friend I knew back in the 50’s used to say, “It’s the timing of a provision that shows the Divine fingerprint on it”.

A couple of IT technicians in charge of hardware in a large company, with many scores of computers, loved the Lord and desired to serve Him in every way they could. When the boss gave the directive to change all the wiring and connections in the network throughout the complex several stories high, they felt guided to keep much of the wiring and the connectors, as they were in almost-new condition. This they did and stored it in a cupboard.

The Doulos sailed into their port and one of the two technicians offered to be a volunteer onboard for the ship visit to their city. He was assigned to one of the staff onboard, who happened to be a networker and resource person. Each day the volunteer, received a list of things to action. He was amazing at completing them all, often by the end of the morning he would be back for more. He was alert and mobile – just the kind of person we appreciated. One day, he was excited when he saw on the list of items to be actioned: “Locate some network-cabling and junctions for the new computer network system onboard”. Now he knew why he and his colleague had been saving all that cabling and junctions etc……. for the Doulos. He said he would talk with his boss immediately and see if they could be donated to the ship.

In a day or two, a lunchtime meeting was scheduled with his boss, the director of the ship, the IT coordinator onboard and one or two others. The CEO was more than willing for the materials to be donated to the ship ….more than that he asked if we might need some technical assistance to install the system and would we not like to have some software to go with it? Amazing. He was willing for his technical staff not only to assist in the current port, but he would arrange for his staff assist in the next port also, should the project not be completed before the ship sailed.

The story didn’t finish there. The volunteer was able to assist our regional office when the ship left, has kept in touch since and now, with his family has moved overseas to take up a new position in the IT world. As we look back on all the “pieces” of the jigsaw that fitted together, it shows the wonderful provision of the Lord. This has happened many times over the years.

Hearing Generosity

Welcome to Hearing Dogs!

Our Hearing Dog Friends are busy writing their cards and sending out their love. Simon is the Hearing Dog Friend for 2010, he’s a very sweet boy, has lots of love to give and would love to tell you all about his adventures and hearing dog training. To find out how to become Simon’s friend click here.

Nearly nine million of the UK population experience some degree of hearing loss. That’s one person in every seven. Over 650,000 of these people could benefit from a hearing dog.

Since we receive no government funding, we rely totally on the generosity of individuals and organisations. To make a donation and help change a deaf persons life click here.

“It was very interesting and inspiring to meet with the owner of a hearing dog owner this morning while visiting a nearby town. She explained some of the challenges she faced and how her young dog helped her so much. It was a fascinating story and my first close-up contact with a person having such a wonderful friend to be her ears, especially to danger.” GN

Generosity Club

You may have missed out on joining Club 52 – the “Generosity Club”  –  where members have the joy of sending in just $1 or £1 etc each week [£52 $52 or €52 or similar] each year to the Generosity-Alive website which is sent in its entirety to one of the projects we profile on the site. You can specify the project if you like.

Read more about this encouraging idea on

100 Club 52
There are many admirable projects around the world. Many of these projects are closely linked with us and we have met the folk involved personally. How wonderful it would be to share some resources and thus encourage them in their faithful service. We have formed a club of 100 folk willing to donate £1 or $1 (dollar, or any basic unit in your currency) a week for the coming year as a beginning. Then if each of these 100 “Club 52” members would recruit 9 others, we would soon see some £52,000 generated for these projects at the thinking edge of community service.

This would be such a blessing to many!

It may seem almost too small a matter to you, basically sharing a cup of tea/coffee a month with others, but when 100 friends join together we can accomplish so much. If you would like to donate for a number of weeks or months at once, feel free to do that. It would save on PayPal fees, and insure that we can help these good, worthy projects the sooner!

You can send the gifts through the Generosity-alive website “Club 52” PayPal icon on the link above.

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20 June 2010