Containers of Generosity

In most African countries there are many towns with populations of up to 250,000 (35% of which are active Christians) that do not have a dedicated Christian Bookshop.

With just £9,500 the following can happen:

  • Purchase a shipping container and convert it into a shop (complete with sun shelter roof & windows)
  • Establish it on the grounds of a friendly church or business.
  • Completely stock it with great Christian literature and Bibles
  • Staff and train this “bookshop” with knowledgeable Christian men and women
  • Sponsor their wages for a start-up period of approx 6 months
  • Plus we can tap into an existing supply chain for the replenishment of stock.
  • If the operation proves viable, after a period of time, the “Shop in a Box” can be replaced by a traditional building and the Box used in another place.

Pray for good locations for such containers

More details:

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