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E-mails are very much a part of daily life in the 21st Century. Such a rapid communication-channel is well used, although some may prefer social networking or Skyping…. Some of us may send out scores of e-mails in a working day. Is there something more we can do?

Yes, I believe reading through our “sent file” once a day or once a week, can be a good exercise. It enables us to reflect on what we have communicated and also enables us to pray for the folk to whom we have written. I find this a very effective practice. Giving more time and thought to our communications.

It is also a generous action that can bring much blessing in lives.

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Generous Revelation.


One of the best parts of the story accompanying the appearances of Christ after His resurrection is to the two on the road to Emmaus. The story is more compelling if we did not know the end of the story but it portrays the adventure of the Lord coming into our lives. His appearance on the road to the two was as a stranger first of all. They did not know him and so He came across as a stranger as He did to all of us when we first met Him or heard of Him. He moved from being as stranger to being their teacher as He opened the scriptures to identify all the OT passages that refer to Him. That must have been a glorious teaching session. But that is what He did and wanted to do for us as we became interested in His words. He opened the Word to our minds and hearts many times with an emotional reaction to the message. Do you remember when the Bible began to come alive to you as the Spirit taught you just as the two realized what was happening? Sometimes we do not comprehend that until much later as these two discovered.

He was invited in which was a very common thing to do and showed great hospitality. Then the Lord moved into the house and became the guest of the two who did not know who He was. They did not know who they were inviting in but I think they must have wanted to hear “the rest of the story.” Do you remember when you invited the Lord into your life and asked Him to stay with you not really knowing all that might happen when He came in? That is a wonderful day for any who can remember the transaction of letting the “Stranger” in. So He was the guest of the two He met on the road to Emmaus. He came into our lives as a guest when we met Him on the road of life. Very different roads each of us was traveling. And we much like the two He met were feeling hopeless because of something that happened. Many on this road, though things were really looking up, all of a sudden the hopes of years are dashed by a death, disease, or some situation over which we did not have control. At this point in the journey of life a guest in the house can be a glorious blessing as it was to the two.

Then there is a great change in the relationship of the three in the house. A meal is set on the table and the Lord Jesus moves from being a guest to being the host. He assumes the place of leadership and takes the bread, offers thanks, breaks it and shares it with His friends. A picture has hung in a home we have visited many times of the Lord in the role of host blessing the bread and serving as the host of the small gathering who for the first time learned what it meant for them to be a part of “two or three gathered together in His name.” What a dramatic change in our lives when the Lord whom we invited in assumes the position and role of owner and host of all in our or now His house. How far reaching it is to acknowledge Him as Lord of our lives and surrender the position of ownership to Him. When we do that we can expect He will reveal Himself to our souls which will make the lessons of the Teacher on the road of life burn in our hearts.

Stranger! Teacher! Guest! Host! All in the space of an encounter that brings the two from being hopeless downcast unbelievers to strong believers. Rather than seclude themselves in the comfort of the home they leave immediately and go and tell the world- He is alive. I trust this season of celebrating our Lord’ victory over death will be the opportunity you are willing to proclaim to all you know – “He Lives, He lives,… I know He lives…”

Guest post from Fred Kosin.

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