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The Dalit peoples number about 25% of the Indian population that’s about 250m people. Tremendous generosity is enabling many of these folk to find education for their youngsters and employment for themselves. The Dalit Schools are growing in number all the time as folk become involved. Below is a story about one of them…

Speaking of Dalit schools in India, the construction of the school, 35 kilometres from Gaya city in Bihar state, in a remote village, is progressing well. When I visited the school end of February there were 172 kids but today there are 230 kids. Until the new school is completed the children are being taught in a makeshift tent. Most of the children who are part of this school are known as the ‘Musahars’ whose diet is largely field rats because of being the poorest of the poor. It will take another page how God moved the hearts of 13 individuals who donated two years ago to help build this school. Because of various challenges we had to move the school project from another location but I can see now why God allowed this change to happen. The Musahars are considered lesser in status than the Dalits. They need hope, dignity and the peace of God. One of our schools has been severely damaged in a cyclone.

This a very worthwhile project in which to become involved.

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Internet Generosity

A wonderful new initiative has been launched in the UK. Its Patron is the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu. The concept is to give rapid assistance to those needing special critical help in the financial realm.

Each case is assessed thoroughly and then the immediate need for some extra cash to finalise a payment is posted onto the site. It is called ACTS435 Highlighting the words about the early disciples who sold their possessions and brought the funding to the feet of the Apostles.

An increasing number of folk are being blessed by this creative project.

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