Generosity at the Coffee Shop.

KitKat_logo_svgWhile ordering a pot of tea at a local coffee shop, I noted a very tasty slice of chocolate sponge. I remarked about the slice to another customer and he agreed.  After enquiring about the price of the slice, I decided to stay with my pot of tea which did have a complimentary biscuit slice.

While I was starting to enjoy the first cup of tea, the customer to whom I had spoken kindly placed two Kit-Kit slices on my tray. This kind gesture was very much appreciated and I wondered what I should say as a “thank you” to him.

I went over to the table where he and his wife were enjoying their drinks and said how much I appreciated his kind generosity. I told them about the “Raven Fund” which I maintain through depositing such savings as the slice of cake.  They were most interested and we chatted for a while. I discovered they lived in a nearby village and that the husband was a retired airline pilot.

He is speaking at a men’s breakfast in the near future and has invited me along. They also thought I may well be able to speak about the ships there too. So a generous action was not only my “Oasis Experience” for today but also led to a new friendship.

Global Nomad