Which Photos to Send

Whoa! You are sending me far too many photos! Let me explain which photos to send me if you want me to care about your ministry enough to want to help you out.

We all seem to know instinctively, without a lot of statistics, that a photo can speak more than the proverbial 1000 words. If you want to convey something to others, and you have difficulty expressing yourself in written words, it is easy to conclude that if you send photos they will speak any language for you. Well, they do. In a way.

But if you are sending photos to prospective donors and supporters, you may want to read this article for some helpful tips…Which Photos to Send. It is possible to over-do this, or to do it wrong.

Parcels of Generosity


Image Ref: 90-02-57 - Christmas Lights, Viewed 13144 times

During December Colin was busy giving out Christmas presents to all new ships which came into his port. What a blessing to have been given so many presents from our friends in different churches and groups. Woolly hats arrived with us from Tobermory in Scotland and gloves from friends in Greece!

A Youth Club in Midleton wrapped up 159 presents in one evening and a local school contributed items for wrapping. 2 Tonnes of presents from different churches were delivered to us by courier thanks to Emerson’s of Lurgan, and as I happened to have a seaman in my car when they arrived he gladly helped to unload the pallets! Ranie from the Philippines was thankful for my help in getting an internet modem and many other seafarers also enjoyed internet access during their stay in port. I befriended crew on a ship staying in the dry dock and was able to bring them to a Carol Service in Cork as well as take them shopping, and even ordered a replacement laptop battery for one man online.

Colin serves in a port in Ireland with SCFS: http://www.scfs.org/

Thought this is an excellent example of generosity in action among seafarers.

Generosity in Harmony


Enjoy this wonderful report from Harmony of Hope: http://harmonyofhope.wordpress.com/

Thank you for your support during our first year as a charity. We were delighted you could share in our mission to bring the healing power of music to children and victims of war in the Middle East. During our first outreach in March, we donated nearly 100 instruments in Iraq and taught in schools and community centres. This enabled a new generat ion to continue the work of music therapy and general musicianship.

You donated music to the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq thus continuing the process of uniting the Kurds and the Arabs through music.

Our first project for 2014 involves the Syrian refugees. We are still raising money to take instruments and have received the green light to train a children’s choir in a refugee area close to Amman. The Syrians have suffered in horrendous circumstances and we aim to provide some hope and healing right in the midst of the suffering. Thank you for your support.