A Fast, Easy Way to Give

Just last week I followed a tip from a friend in Uganda, and discovered a fast, easy way to give via <a href=”https://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?mid=5877&id=266369″ target=”_blank”>World Remit LTD</a>

Even though I don’t have a smart phone myself, I was able to send my friend a test gift of $5.00 in a matter of moments. I just needed to know his phone number and service provider, and I made the gift from my MasterCard. In just moments I had an email from him that he had received it and was able to cash it immediately!

Studying their website, I learned that one cannot use WorldRemit for online purchases, but one can send money as a gift to just about any country, including those that PayPal and other payment processors don’t want to touch. The founders have especially set it up for the benefit of those who wish to send money easily and quickly just about anywhere in the world.

For years I’ve had to withdraw cash from my account, go to the post office and buy a MoneyGram for cash only. Then go home and email the recipient with the claim number. It would sometimes take two or three days for them to get to their local agent to actually get the money in hand.

Now I am getting excited about WorldRemit! And guess what; their fees are lower than MoneyGram’s too. (I’ve tried to avoid Western Union as their fees are even higher).

If you have a friend, or relatives, or know of a needy contact, and have their smart phone number and know the carrier they use, you can bless them with a gift in a jiffy!

Giving Quotes

This morning I came to this website to look for some ‘Giving Quotes’ only to discover that I had started a page for such quotes, but had never completed it. So just now I’ve pulled a number of quotes from my own devotional studies on Giving, and I’ve uploaded the page. It’s a start. I’ll try to remember to add more to it – and, to keep my eyes open for other good quotes on giving.

Maybe if you’ll have a look at my Giving Quotes you may recall some good quotes you know on giving and on generosity. You are welcome to submit them.