When Giving Means Forgiving

I’ve learned in the past week there are times when giving means forgiving.


Last weekend a former neighbour came to “borrow” my garden spade. His former landlady had asked him to dig up some plum trees from that place so they could be planted where she has moved to. He made a point of saying that he would be careful that the landlady would not lay claim to my spade and declare it hers. He knew she had a history of doing such things. I counted on him to bring it right back. – But it has not happened.

Now I’ve had a rough week with feeling resentful, knowing that is wrong, and trying to forgive. Then for a while I feel I have let go of that spade and it no longer matters to me. On Wednesday I even went to buy a new spade for myself because I needed one to turn over my flowerbeds.

But then a little while later I miss it and resent the fact that my former neighbour did not keep his promise to bring it back. Suddenly I remember other times he has not paid back money he has “borrowed” etc.

By now I have forgiven several times, and then dug up the offended feelings again. Gradually though, each time I go through this I am more convinced that if I truly want to be a generous person there will be times when giving means forgiving – letting it go. I miss Dad’s old spade, But I am hereby considering it a gift. I have no longer lent it out, but given it away.

Is there some area in your life where you will not have peace of mind until you have given away in your heart, what was taken from you in a physical or emotional way? It will not be easy, but then Jesus stands ready to help us as soon as we ask Him. He even forgave those who crucified Him. Jesus has the experience and power to do this kind of giving, and He is eager to help us do it too.

When You Get Back – Give it Away


Do you know about giving away money that you have already spent? I’m thinking of shopping rebates; when you get back – give it away! There are tremendous opportunities to do this in the world of online shopping, but there is a way to do it offline too.

Many store chains have a rewards program. Sometimes you collect points as you shop and when you have 20,000, (or some such number), you can redeem them for other products. However, many of the online stores just give you a cash rebate. How nice is that!

It is easy to think, “Now I can go shopping again with this ‘found’ or ‘surprise’ money. May I suggest a better idea? How about if – when you get back rebates – you give them away? This will take care of your problem when you have to excuse yourself with, “Sorry, I have nothing to spare.”

There are many such rebate programs. Some are portals to 1000s of other shopping sites, so you just need to login to your account in the portal, then click on the store you want to shop at, and the rest is automated. When you get notice of your rebate, or it is simply deposited into your PayPal account, set that money aside to pass on to someone else in need. If you don’t see someone in need right away, set that amount aside. Let it add up for a while. Then, God will make you aware of a true need; “Oh yes! I do have something to give!”

You will be surprised at the joy that springs up in you.

I suggest you – join any or all of these rebate sites, (it’s free):

This last one, Lyoness, can send you a Rewards Card that you can show anywhere, even when getting gas, or shopping in off-line stores, and in many countries around the globe! (In fact, some people invite friends to join, and get a handsome income that way).

I have reviewed Lyoness in more detail on my shopping advice site. It is a Loyalty program at many stores, which gives you Cash Back & Gift Vouchers. But to sign up you must first Ask for a FREE Invitation. (This link allows you to sign up for a series of my emails explaining Lyoness, and of course, I’ll be happy to send you an invitation to join.

I suggest this policy: when you get back – give it away!

Generous Entrepreneurs

Leaving ones homeland is not easy, especially when there is serious need to do so outside one’s control like in the painting folk leaving Ireland in the wake of the great famine there in the 1800’s. Today there are many such migrations and many diaspora communities.

Although having to leave much behind, they carry with them their precious characters, ingenuity and expertise. Finding a new channel of generating income for their families is a priority and there are folk coming alongside such groups with training, encouragement and creative projects to enable them to achieve their goals. Remember that one such refugee was Albert Einstein.

Such entrepreneurs are special and have a heart to share with others in partnership to see their goals materialised. Recently, I had the privilege of receiving 11 Business Plans for a such a group of diaspora. Am networking away seeking to locate resources and folk with expertise to see their plans come to life.

Such generous entrepreneurs are inspiring and have so much potential. Maybe you have ideas to assist such folk.

Global Nomad.

Joy Wells Up

Joy Wells Up

In the midst of hard times and extreme poverty my overflowing joy wells up in rich generosity.

Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. 2 Corinthians 8:2

If you have traveled to third world countries and tipped or given a gift to a very poor person, you may have been surprised at how very grateful they are. If you have experienced their hospitality, you have amazed at how their joy wells up; how gladly they give up all they have for you.

If you have not traveled abroad, surely you have heard others describe this astonishing phenomena, right?

I have grown up poor and although not in such extreme poverty as to be starving to death, or living homeless on the streets, I know the great joy that welled up for unexpected gifts. In our home we welcomed visitors and happily shared the best we had with them for as long as we could get them to stay. Thinking more objectively now in hindsight, I think we made it hard for some guests to leave.

It was always a wonderful event when Aunt Ann came to visit, …

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Children Singing

Just now I’m listening to children singing Christian children’s songs, and it is distracting me from writing this post.


Usually I tell people that I’m not very musical. I can’t carry a tune – even if you give me a bucket to carry it in; I can’t read musical notes; I need to sing along-side someone else to be able to sing most songs. Yet oddly enough, right now I find myself singing along with these
children and ready to raise my arms for all the actions.

So I’ve just thought about this for a few minutes and I realize that I have loved singing these songs since I was a toddler going to Sunday School. When I was in my teens I became involved in teaching in Sunday School, and when no one showed up to lead the singing I stepped in and did it. I did it with joy, knowing that the kids would not judge my singing negatively. They just needed someone to get them started.

For the next three decades of my life I had jobs to cover living expenses, but I lived for my involvements in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Pioneer Girls Clubs, and Junior Church, then later AWANA too. For the longest time I was convinced that I only knew how to related to children.

God brought me home to care for my aged and dying parents – which lasted more than 23 years. At first I was still involved in Childrens ministries at church, but with time I had to give that up to focus on my sick mother. That era taught me a lot about getting along with seniors and adults generally.

I still won’t sing solo in public, or with adults, though I do enjoy listening to the great
Christian music on BBNradio.org just about all my waking hours. Yet, listening to these children – I have just realized that God has graciously developed a musical side in me. It is just very niche specific – with Christian children singing. I do know how to appreciate and worship with the good music when I hear it! Above all though, I love to hear the children singing songs of faith and devotion.

Giving Beautiful and Perfect Gifts


My heart goes out to friends and new acquaintances. I wish I could be giving beautiful and perfect gifts to each one. Something that would exactly meet your needs. So I’m thinking over what that gift should be.

Would you allow me to think aloud?

I’ve always wanted to give gifts. When I was a school girl, my form of play was to make presents out of whatever odd things I found around the house, and then to play at Christmas or birthday parties.

In my teens I daydreamed about discovering hurting people and introducing them to Jesus Christ, who I was certain, could transform their lives. Together we would make over houses to be their homes, and give them meaningful careers. (My novel, Ruthe’s Secret Roses, lives out that dream).

After I became a young working woman myself, I discovered that the scenes I had visualized did not come to pass so easily. I was quite disappointed, but I adapted my daydreams to more practical make-overs. I yearned to see sickly people healed, the unemployed happy in well-suited jobs, and to match the lonely ones with the right people to marry and start happy families.

Sure I was idealistic and romantic. I wanted everyone to be beautiful and happy, and I desired to be the one who would give these perfect gifts to them on a silver platter. I believed I’d get my dreams myself soon, so I was free to see to everyone else’s blessings first.< ?p>

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