Faultless Giving

Right and wrong ways to Give

How can we do faultless giving in the eyes of our Lord, and others? We need to do our giving in an ethical way, so that it pleases the Lord, and those who might watch us give our gifts and donations. But what exactly are those ethical ways? Are there really right and wrong ways to do our giving?

The Apostle Paul thought so, for he wrote in 2 Corinthians 8:20-21, “We want to avoid any criticism of the way we administer this liberal gift. For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord, but also in the eyes of men.”

So the administration or “way of giving” is important too. Just pause to think; has the way a gift was given to you ever bothered you? Did you sense a wrong motive, for instance? Have you ever given a gift that was given in an improper manner?

Our answers are ‘yes’. So let’s make a list and see what to avoid and what to make an effort to do in the future.

[To see my list of dos and don’ts for faultless giving, continue reading: Faultless Giving]

That There Might Be Equality

Our desire is not that others might be relieved while you are hard pressed, but that there might be equality. (2 Corinthians 8:13 NIV)

It’s not that God wants me to be short-changed while others have more, but that there might be equality – a fairness – between those that have, and those that have so little.

that there might be equality

Have you ever heard or read of an urgent appeal for funds, but realized that the person or organization making the appeal were far better off than you? Something is odd about you sacrificing from your small resources to help them get richer, isn’t it? Not just odd, but – even wrong?

I have pondered on the pros and cons of this at different times. I recognize that some organizations may work with a far bigger budget than I do, but they use the funds to help many others in worthwhile ways. So if I donate to their cause I am helping those much poorer than myself. However, when it is an individual, or small group that is fund-raising so they can go on a trip – when there is no way I can go on a trip, and perhaps barely afford my own groceries – then it would be wise for me to decline to contribute.

This then becomes one of my giving guidelines. . . .Read the Whole article

Internet Millionaires

internet millionaires

Have you met any internet millionaires yet? You know there are more and more of them all the time these days, don’t you?

I imagine you are wondering what they are like; would they be approachable if you are in financial need?

Well, I have met some via business ventures or resources online – I was about to say, just in the last few months, but on thinking it over I realize that I’ve become aware of more internet millionaires over the last 15-16 years. I can’t say I’m close buddy-buddies with any of them.

Let me explain. When I decided to publish my novel online in 2001 I found that I would have to promote it myself. Setting up a website based on the theme of my book, and using it to draw attention to my novel was suggested as my first step. I learned to do that, but kept looking for more ways to market it online. This led me to sign up for various programs or business ventures. Some I have dropped, but some I still work at, and in the last year and a half or so, I have joined some bigger ones.

As i review them in my mind, I recognize a common denominator. Each of the founders of those businesses has a story of once being a broke or very ordinary individual, but they were not afraid to be resourceful and to try out things that they learned. Then success came to them, and they began to profit in larger and larger numbers. In a number of cases they found themselves to be internet millionaires in just a matter of a few months or in two or three years.

Most of them teach their followers their methods by videos or webinars (web seminars). That is how I have just in the last two days heard two men from two different companies share their story of how they went from poor ordinary men to millionaire ordinary men.

I observe that each of these felt they owed it to others, to share their methods so that other people could also become wealthy on the internet.

In the one case, the man was a USA soldier stationed in Japan, became friends with a very smart tech-genius from India, and together they devised a system of selling and drop-shipping on a global basis around the world. No need to personally handle the things they sold. Instead, they would locate a profitable item online, go sell it on eBay or Amazon, and then when it sold, quickly go buy it and have it shipped to their own customer. These two men have no need to work any more, but they have started two companies that train others to do exactly what they did! They love to spotlight these people and praise and rejoice with them when they succeed as well.

In the other case, the young man was down and out after attempting some multi-level marketing businesses. One evening he saw a beautiful sunset and whispered a prayer. After that he discovered attraction marketing. The online technical stuff to do with websites frustrated him, but his twin brother stepped in, and made things work. Their online business took off! They would no longer need to work at all, but they have changed the focus of their company to specialize in helping others come into profit with whatever their business venture is. Now they delight in praising and show-casing the individuals who are becoming wealthy though using their resources and helps. In fact, they video-tape these people excitedly sharing the various tips they are finding profitable in their own lives.

Their exclamations and the lingo they use when excited show them to be of a younger generation than myself, but I must say, I am thrilled to discover them. It gives me hope that I can become an internet millionaire also. My dream is also to help others become self-supporting, and for missionaries and ministries to finally be able to take all the opportunities before them. I like to teach and I love to give!

As I said, now that I think about it, I know this happened to two college students, it happened to a doctor in Montreal, and a number of others as well. From a philosophical standpoint, I am greatly encouraged that not everyone that becomes well-off turns into a selfish ogre. There are quite a few altruistic internet millionaires out there, praise God!

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Measuring Our Generosity

Measuring our Generosity

What about measuring our generosity? We like to think of ourselves as generous.That is such a nice, positive word, isn’t it? People who are generous are praised by others, and we want people to like us too, right?

But wait, what evidence is there in your life that you are a generous person?

What scale do you measure yourself against? Can we say you are more than 50% generous? Dare I call myself 110% generous?

At the moment I am not prepared to turn this into an in-depth Bible study, but I would hold that God is the most extremely generous being that exists. In His Word, the Bible, He has spelled out ways in which we ought to be generous too. He does set standards for our generosity, you know.

* God made the universe, and this beautiful earth to be our home.
* He gave each of us life before we knew to ask or hope for it!
* He saw that we all had a propensity for sin, so He gave His only begotten Son to purchase us out of sin and adopt us into His Great Big Wonderful Family!
* He forgives us all our sins, and walks with us to the degree we let Him
* He gives gifts like music, family, friends, marriage, babies!

Hey, how generous are you and I in comparison to THAT standard?

But then, God doesn’t really ask us to do all He does. Instead, He has given us simple steps to become more like Him;
1. Don’t worship any other gods besides Him (actually, that’s a mere thank you salute, right?)
2. Forgive others when they wrong us.
3. Take care of others’ needs before our own.
4. Provide for widows and orphans and the strangers in our gates.

I’m sure we can find more in the Bible, but those four can keep us plenty busy being generous the rest of our lives! In fact, if we are measuring our generosity we thinking on a puny scale, aren’t we?

If we are going to be generous givers like our God, we need to go over-the-top in our worship, our forgiving, our care for others, and provisions for the needy around us.