Another generous meal….



Below is an amazing story from Graham, who coordinates the Dorcas Trust in the UK. The way Graham was led to establish the Dorcas trust is quite a story.  Basically through a surprise visit to Manila. You are welcome to learn more through contacting us. Now over to Graham……

Michael Duran is Just one  of the young people whose life has been changed because you gave and prayed. The picture above,  shows him, now age 19, on the Dorcas farm  last June. He is  holding a photo of  himself at age 13 ,  a street  boy in Manila, sitting on a bench eating a  meal I had bought for him, at which time he was addicted to computer games.

Before he  returned to live with his mother last summer, he wrote:

 “The Lord has  changed me, taken away my vices, drugs and cigarettes and altered my attitude so I am now ‘a new person’. I am so happy knowing I have the Lord in my life. My dream is to finish study and become a social worker and to help children to know Jesus too. I have a great desire to serve the Lord in  many ways. One is to be a living testimony to street children so they also know the love of Jesus.”  


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