Raven Generosity


Consider the ravens…God feedeth them. — Luke 12.24
 I have commanded the ravens to feed thee. — I Kings 17.4
“I’m neither nightingale nor lark,
I neither soar nor sing;
A sombre bird of plumage dark,
Ungraceful on the wing.
I have, I fear, a croaking voice;
My use is hard to see.
‘Tis all too true! yet I rejoice;
For why? God feedeth me!
“He loves this all unlovely me.
He hears my cry; He cares,
He knows me at my worst, yet He
For all my need prepares.
He knows my worthlessness, yet still
At times His grace may choose,
For bearing errands at HIs will,
My useless self to use.
“So if I know no tuneful song,
I’ll croak as best I may.
If I can’t soar, I’ll flap along
My own old usual way.
If to some needier one I can
Some timely succour bring,
I’ve been some use to God and man;
Is that not everything?”

[From a book of poetry entitled: “Bells and Pomegranates”

by James M. S. Tait.]
You might like to consider setting up your personal Raven Fund. The concept is to put into that fund all the savings you make while shopping and travelling etc. It is amazing how these small amounts will grow and you will see the hundreds being available for sharing with those in need. Can assure you that this works and it has been such an encouragement to be able to channel resources to others at time of need. Try it out for a year is see how it works.
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Generosity on the Move

The Amazing Airstrip Appeal

People have been travelling throughout the centuries and this era is no exception. In fact travelling has increased significantly.  It has been fascinating to discover folk who are travelling creatively to be a blessing to others. Thought you might like to know about these brilliant examples of Generosity on the Move.

Mobile Home:

A couple in the States have decided to use their “creative years” to be a blessing to others. They have a wonderful mobile home and travel from one organization to another to share in any way they can. What a blessing they are for sure.  Believe there is great potential for such innovative ventures that display Generosity on the Move across the States. There is a wide rage of possibilities.

Mercy ships:

These vessels sail to countries where folk are not able to obtain medical assistance so readily and undertake specialist operations. They stay in port for around a couple of months. There is a comprehensive process of research to locate the most needy cases and then follow up with family and local community. All the staff are volunteers and the whole programme is community and family focused. Follow them as they seek to be a channel of Generosity on the Move on the oceans. https://www.mercyships.org.uk/


Flying into remote areas to assist with medical evacuations or provision of necessities is the daily schedule of MAF. One of their aircraft is landing or taking off every three minutes around the clock. You can read some fascinating stories on their website. It was my privilege to teach some of the youngsters of the MAF families, who attended International Schools, while I was in PNG https://www.maf-uk.org/ Another excellent example of Generosity on the Move in the skies.

This is the first of a series on Generosity on the Move.

Generous Entrepreneurs

Leaving ones homeland is not easy, especially when there is serious need to do so outside one’s control like in the painting folk leaving Ireland in the wake of the great famine there in the 1800’s. Today there are many such migrations and many diaspora communities.

Although having to leave much behind, they carry with them their precious characters, ingenuity and expertise. Finding a new channel of generating income for their families is a priority and there are folk coming alongside such groups with training, encouragement and creative projects to enable them to achieve their goals. Remember that one such refugee was Albert Einstein.

Such entrepreneurs are special and have a heart to share with others in partnership to see their goals materialised. Recently, I had the privilege of receiving 11 Business Plans for a such a group of diaspora. Am networking away seeking to locate resources and folk with expertise to see their plans come to life.

Such generous entrepreneurs are inspiring and have so much potential. Maybe you have ideas to assist such folk.

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Recipients of Generosity


A good business friend of mine sent me the following note recently and I thought it was well worth sharing with a wider audience.

Woke up this morning with an idea of a name ROGUES as an acronym for something like Recipients of Generosity Uniquely Experiencing Satisfaction
as a website to encourage folk to be generous… It’s a bit clumsy and wordy but wonder if it might catch peoples attention as it is a play on words… the opposite of the real meaning of rogue…

What a special thought… we are all recipients of generosity at some time along life’s journey. So often we do not take time to think through all that is involved, fully appreciate the generosity given or give thanks…

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Tools of Generosity

Those surplus or inherited tools in the garden shed could be enriching lives, families and communities internationally. Here is one route for you to explore in seeing them re-located.

Based in the UK, TOOLS with a MISSION is a creative and innovative project that collects, restores and channels surplus tool overseas.

You can read all about them on: http://www.twam.co.uk/

It has been a pleasure to visit their HQ and meet the wonderful team there as well as link with one of their local collectors who stored the “tools in transit” in a large barn which had been generously made available by a thoughtful farmer.

There’s another post in the archives about an AXE which you might like to read also. Be pleased to hear your feedback…maybe you know other channels of blessings with tools.

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Generosity among the Rubble

Langtang Valley before and after the Nepal earthquake | MAF

News from Nepal has been in the media for some time now and much prayer and concern has been shown for the many thousands there who have encountered serious challenges in their daily lives.

An excellent report from MAF takes you right into the heart of the situation and with graphic photos and videos one can capture a little of the incredible challenge facing the rebuilding of homes, lives and communities there.

Believe you will be so impacted and at the same encouraged to see the wonderful generosity that is being expressed to these precious folk. The view of before and after is truly mind boggling….

Do trust you will continue to remember MAF and the many others involved. Below is the link.


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Giving Great and Small….


Images Courtesy of wikipedia.

Giving brings much joy and pleasure to the recipient as well as the donor. The size of gifts can vary but the appreciation is there in full measure each time. Recently I have seen two gifts – two beautiful acts of generosity.

One was a small gift but brought much appreciation. After a wonderful morning breakfast, a group of men were preparing to leave, of course, the bill needed to be paid. Cheerfully and quietly, one of the group said: “I’d like to  have the privilege of paying today”. He is a very special connector with people and serves as a carp-park attendant regularly at a creative business centre and restaurant.

The second gift was many times the first one and came quietly through my letter box in a brown envelope. It was very simply addressed and indicated the project to which it was designated. Two wonderful senior folk  – people of prayer who have served so faithfully and encountered challenges in health and family in recent years yet cheerfully and generously desiring to share with others.

Giving comes in many shapes and sizes but the love and joy which accompany it  are special….. the above are just two of many thousands, if not millions of such gifts quietly changing hands.

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Links of Generosity [2]


















[2] Dental Suite on the move.…Through the generosity of a couple in the UK, who were closing their dental practice, the suite in the photo was professionally dismantled and re-installed in Nicaraguan. The channel of blessing was a special project in the UK called “Peace and Hope” you can find out more about it on their website.  http://www.peaceandhope.org.uk/welcome.htm

The donors shared about their project on the Global Hand website www.globalhand.org and through a series of links the whole project took place. A wonderful example of Links of Generosity.

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Links of Generosity [1]














Five years ago, we shared with you a post called “Networking Generously”, you’ll be pleased to know that the networking has continued apace over these years. Under the Master Networker’s generous guidance and enabling, people and resources have been linked together internationally.

Just a couple of examples for your encouragement:

Bakery in action…. a business friend in the States kindly inquired if I knew any folk in the bakery business. I had in the past but not really at this time, then suddenly the wonderful bakery project in Mongolia came to mind. It was a joy to see everything fit together. The friend in the States dialogued with the folk in Mongolia who referred him to the company in the UK who had supplied their equipment and thus a similar bakery was delivered to Romania and photos sent to me of the young adults in the Orphanage there preparing the croissants for the oven and then the younger orphans enjoying the finished products. If you would like to know more about this special project then check out the Bread of Life website: http://bolorphanage.org/wp/about-us/  We also highlighted the bakery prioject on the Guest of the Month page.

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Generous Micro-Businesses

ES Logo - Landscape

Over the past 3 or 4 years, it has been a privilege to follow the development of a very special project called Epic Solutions. Recently this has been the Project of the Month that a group of us is concentrating on. Do trust you find the information below of interest. You can also visit the Epic Solutions website of course and I am happy to forward their latest update and summary of 2014 for your further reading.



  • We exist to see lives and communities transformed by empowering people to become economically sustainable.
  • Our Objectives are:
    • To provide Entrepreneurial skills training.
    • To assist start-up or small scale businesses to become sustainable
    • To establish and support communities of Entrepreneurs and assist them with their business needs

(leadership, operations & strategic)

  • Solutions to unemployment are complex and varied. Disadvantaged communities desperately require skills development and capacity building interventions that provide self-sustainability in their homes, their finances and life in general. Although aid in such circumstances can help, parameters need to be set to prevent a dependency being created and the cycle of poverty perpetuated. However, many people in impoverished circumstances do not have the necessary education or skills to access formal education opportunities.
  • Small, medium & micro enterprises (SMME’s) are vital to the growth of countries who face high levels of unemployment and poverty.  Entrepreneurship plays a major part in the solution as it empowers people to start their own income-generating small business whose commercial success can provide a sustainable income for the entrepreneur and their household, as well as employment opportunities within their community.
  • Entrepreneurship is the ability to identify a specific need in the marketplace and then to start and run a business that meets this need, profitably on a sustainable basis.

This is an area of involvement in communities worldwide which I believe deserves much attention and support. It is such an enriching and ennobling aspect of sustainability.

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