Resources to Enirch [2]

This title by author Steve Webber is rich in resources for those interested in promoting their books on the internet. It is full of practical ideas and a good resource to have for exploring possibilities. You can learn more on: and

When you are considering where to spend a couple of weeks or so on a break, why not check out the Christian House Sitters website. There are some wonderful homes in which you can stay internationally and be a blessing to the owners. You can also invite folk to spend time in your own home, caring for it, while you are away. A creative initiative of value……

The site called BookHead enables you to compare the price of book by providing you with an overview of the major book-sellers price for any given title. Well worth looking at:

This is a creative initiative in the UK to encourage and equip churches and individuals who have the vision to donate valuable titles to their local Public Libraries. Speaking Volumes has set up an excellent structure to enable these donations to be effective. Check out the idea: Worth encouraging in other countries.

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Resources to Enrich [1]

Welcome to this new category from Global Nomad!!

The aim is to share resources to enrich your networking and your community projects. You are welcome to share resources which you have found valuable. There is a vast ocean of material “out there” for us to explore. Trust these notes will enable us all to be further equipped in our desire to become generous people.

The whole concept of seeking to improve the quality and the availability of safe water is one that is close to my heart. One of my favourite videos is called “Where the Waters Run” produced by Moody Science. It is a classic in its own right and captures the subject photographically in such an excellent manner. Well worth seeing even though it has been around a while. We used these videos  in High School science classes a few years back. Some technical material is timeless and thus in some ways this video series is as relevant as ever. If you would like to obtain a copy let me know through the comment section.

The generosity of our Creator in masterminding such an ingenious process as the water-cycle is awesome in its magnitude. Millions of tons of water are gracefully, silently and seemingly effortlessly lifted from the oceans of the world and then expertly recyled to be returned to earth in various forms and strength.

In the blog entitled: “Skilled Generosity”, dam and well production is highlighted. Other excellent resource projects in this field are:

On the BBC website a while back was an excellent article on a simple method of purifying water using plastic bottles. A friend of mine has invented a new type of unit to purify water for rural communities. Each unit can provide fresh water for some 2000 individuals and requires minimum maintenance. You can read all about this initiative on the following site: 

More later…..

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Resources to Enrich [10]

Gogo Olive
Just Giving
Power to Change
Fisherman’s Rest

It’s always so encouraging to see brilliant initatives that are transforming people’s lives. Gogo-Olive is a very good example where the lives –  and families of some 25 women in Zimbabwe are being blessed through a small project they have set up. It is a company that produces handcrafted toys.

A delightful adventure….

Promoting projects creatively is what Just Giving does and does extremely well. If you have a project or event to promote then check out this lively site….

A website which you can recommend with confidence to folk who are searching for the way in life. It is full of real-life stories and resources to help anyone who is really keen to know more about “Life to the Full”

An excellent place to stay in Malawi, Africa. Set up with artistic insight and thougthfulness to those needing rest and refreshment it is a wonderful “Oasis” of blessing.  It is also closely linked with the local commmunities in provision of many ongoing sustainable projects. A break with a purpose that is a two way blessing.

With the ever increasing request for mentoring in many countries where keen entreprenurs are seeking to move ahead in the fields of business, MOWGLI, is the link bringing together these keen bsuiness folk with experienced mentors here in the UK and elsewhere.

The Christian Association of Business Executives is truly alive and well. The key business Principles which they drafted a few years ago have enriched many lives and stengthened businesses too.  The regular meetings in the UK especially in London, are really stimulating and informative.

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07 April 2010

Resources to Enrich [11]


Street Pastors – This project in Yeovil has been making excellent progress over the past months and recently 16 new Street Pastors were commissioned. There is also opportunity for folk to become Prayer Pastors to support those out on the streets. More details in the attachment.


The Transformational Business Network is holding its Annual Event on 14 May in London. You can read more about it on:  for the programme and on-line booking .


Just Giving is an excellent service to those seeking to generate funding for a special project. Really worth checking out: / I’m using it to generate funds for a farming initiative in Malawi. You read about this on:

Resources to Enrich [12]


Should you are your family/friends be thinking of travelling in New Zealand at any time. Then it might be good to check out this excellent tour company managed by friends of mine.


TOOLS WITH A MISSION has excellent vision. They collect tools to refurbish throughout the year. If you would like to know more then visit their website and sign up for the monthly news. There are collection points for the tools throughout the UK.  It is a wonderful project well worth promoting.

Until next time, be encouraged in all your various projects and initiatives.

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Resources to Enrich [13]



Innovation Centre

It was a very interesting experience attending the Jelly last month held at the Innovation Centre in Yeovil.  Do suggest you consider the ICY as a potential function option when you are planning events. If you know friends looking for good office accommodation then you might recommend they explore the Innovation Centre. It has several good features. Check out their website:


Oddments Theatre Company


Just Giving

Just Giving is an excellent service to those seeking to generate funding for a special project.  Really worth checking out:  I’m using it to generate funds for a farming initiative in Malawi. You can read about this on:


The Monks Yard recently celebrated their first two full years of operation as a business, refreshment and function centre. If you haven’t called in for a coffee and snack, then you’ve missed something really good, it is highly recommended.  Just off the Ilminster roundabout on the A303.

Until next time, be encouraged in all your various projects and initiatives.

Global Nomad 08 July 2010

Resources to Enrich [14]

It is refreshing to meet such practical advice based on Biblical principles. Realistic evaluation is made of each situation of challenge and thoughtful guidance/advice is given. Have recently attended a seminar presented by the Founder and International Director of Work Talk.

Proclamation Trust has spearheaded the equipping of emerging expositional speakers. “The vision of the Proclamation Trust is to encourage ministry that seeks above all to expound the Bible as God’s Word for today.”  Students from around the world have taken part in PT courses.

City Gateway is a wonderful example of creative initiative. Over the past few years, CG has enabled scores of young people to acquire skills equipping them for the career of their choice.

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Resources to Enrich [15]

  • FreshHope
  • Hope in the Community
  • Louis Foundation


A new look at giving to developing charities – “transforming charity support”  “Hopefully the name freshHOPE says it all – new hope for those who receive the benefit of charitable work and for the charities new resources.” Have met the Director and happily recommend this new initiative.  

HOPE IN THE COMMUNITY                                                                                                                                                                          Objectives: The aim of Hope in the Community is to develop the involvement of the faith sector, in partnership with the voluntary sector, as part of a national strategy. This aim will be realised by creating, under its banner, a network of support teams in each English Region for access by churches, faith groups and the voluntary sector, building on existing work whenever possible and utilising and developing existing key players.” Well worth checking out their site. GROUP   

This is a Business Acadamy worth exploring. It offers excellent programmes linked with the Stellenbosch University Business School, in South Africa. Well worth looking into for potential entrepreneurs of the future.

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03 September 2009

Resources to Enrich [16]

Patrick Dixon is a leading futurist and one of the top 60 thinkers of this decade. His website Global Change has welcomed some 11 million visitors and up to 500,000 folk check it out on a busy day. The site is “full to the brim” with relevant and thought-provoking material. Very worthwhile to visit.

In these days of fast moving trends in the business world, having a “pilot” on board or close by can be a tremendous asset to companies. The feedback-comments from businesses that have used Business Pilot are most encouraging. The founder is a personal friend and thus I am following the development with much interest. Why not explore this new resource and recommend to others.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP                                                                                                                                                                Here is a note from a friend who coordinates a training programme for micro-business entrepreneurs. By the way, if you would like to view my training projects, then go to the website of the company which has developed the training programme: Look on the right hand side for a pull down menu; “FUNDER”. Click on that and then click on “Charity”. The projects that will then be listed are the training projects that I have run. This gets updated each time I run the training.
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Resources to Enrich [17]

Resources to Enrich

• Soon
• Manna Publications
• Revival Movement Association
• Generous Mind

This is an excellent everyday-English news-sheet mailed out worldwide highlighting Eternal Truths. Thousands have completed the Correspondence Course. The Soon website is of interest to those seeking the sharpen their English language skills. Packed with information and resources.

Specializing in affordable, locally printed Bible Commentaries. A very worthwhile community project. The well documented website also has many downloads available.

Making available millions of Biblically based booklets free of charge in any language. The story of this amazing project is a great example of prayer and faith. The publishing house uses some of the latest printing presses in Europe.

This is a real cutting-edge initiative networking creative and inspiring thoughts. Well worth exploring. “Over the years we have been taught to be generous with our money and our time, but in the Idea Economy, who is talking about being generous with our minds?” is the opening paragraph on their site.

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20 December 2009