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Have discovered a delightful mini-restaurant in a local hospital. The staff are friendly and the food delicious. Visiting it recently, I discovered that I had not brought any cash with me and the restaurant does not have a card-machine or accept a cheque. Suddenly a cheerful customer, part of  a delightful family group, offered me a £5 note. Somewhat overwhelmed, I explained I had the money but not to hand. She said they would be delighted for me to enjoy a meal on them as it is Christmas.

I then spent time sharing with the family about Elijah and the meals by Raven which he experienced. They were very attentive…not sure if they had heard or read the story before. I then explained about the Raven Fund which sought to channel savings to  those with financial challenges. I shared with them that their gift would go via the Raven Fund to refugees in Kenya. They were delighted.

Generosity at lunchtime for sure….

Global Nomad

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