Generous Conversations

How many people have you talked to today?


This is maybe a surprise question but I believe an important one. Taking time to engage meaningfully with others – such as staff in shops and supermarkets –  is very important to everyone. The bank, which I use here in the UK, encourages their staff to be friendly and to “connect” in a real way with customers. They sometimes ask a question like: “Do you have anything interesting lined up for the rest of the day?” or “Do you have anything special in your schedule this afternoon/morning?” Excellent communication skills.

While travelling in an inter-city train recently, I noted an advert. It depicted a “senior youngster” looking somewhat sad.  The script stated that she had not spoken to anyone for 3 weeks or so. Thus readers were encouraged to text a suggested gift of £3 to the organisation that would enable the lady to have a lunch out and make friends. In the script, it also stated that there were 1 million others just like her in the UK who were in similar situations.

Quite a challenging advert…. I checked it with someone else in the caring profession who endorsed the fact that many folks went for long periods without talking to anyone…. Let’s turn this situation around.;…

Recently, on a train journey, I had the wonderful experience of being able to dialogue with the person sitting next to me for about 2 hours…  It was so rich and interesting as we had both been overseas on assignments. On arrival, I was able to meet other members of the family….

Noticing a business commuter on an evening train doing a puzzle…. I said “Good evening..” He was so grateful to be able to talk to someone. He shared how so often no one would engage in conversation. As we dialogued, he asked me a question he had been desiring to ask someone in the Non-Profit world. “Should he have a significant donation to lodge with our organization, how would we guarantee that it reached his desired destination?”. It was a privilege to outline our verification process for recipient projects. He was very grateful, I then enquired if I might ask him a question. ” Should he hear of a country manor house management that was looking for good managers could, he let us know?” “Look out for the phone call..” was his kind response.  His business was designing special showrooms for cars, furniture etc….

Global Nomad….

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