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Gifts to the Poor = Gifts to God

Gifts to the Poor = Gifts to God

That's what King Solomon wrote in the book of Proverbs in the Bible. When we give gifts to the poor and needy we are giving gifts to God. Do we give gladly, or grudgingly?

We are sure God does not want us to give recklessly and foolishly. We do need to give this some thought and consideration. Sharing information about true needs among the poor and the household of God (those who have a faith like ours in Him) is one way we can help one another to make out gifts accomplish the most good possible.

The suggestions here are not the only needy and worthy places, but they can be a good starting point as God guides you to form your own list of favourite places to give financial gifts.

Our Profiled Missions have described special projects;

Partners in Mission for Global Ministries in Mali, West Africa has a list of projects for which they need financial help; Mission Institute courses, tentmakers training, short-term missions, Bethany Centre for Street Children, and of course for administration. The more they receive the more they can do. Visit their profile and contact them to offer your gift to God.

Revival-Time-Ministry Uganda - has experienced serious loss of financial support in the last few years. Yet they have so much work before them to do. Pastor Isaac Oyako conducts revivals and discipleship training sessions in various churches in Uganda, and sometimes abroad too. They are also seeking sponsorships for a number of girls who need to go to school for a good education. Especially since some have been through out of their homes for converting to Christ. Their own children need to complete their education too. There are dreams and plans for a Training Centre in Sosroti, for RTM. But there are floods in some parts of their country so of course, they are going to help there and could sure use financial support. There is a Tremendous Opportunity to give to God here!

Manna Publications - They provide free of charge, manuscripts so Christians in third-world countries may publish and distribute at cost, helpful Bible commentaries in easy English, or if they translate them, in their own language. Specifically funds are always needed and welcome for:
1. Start up costs for printing Manna books in English and French speaking countries.
2. Translation costs for titles in local languages.
3. Subsidies for reprints when necessary.
4. Outreach using free copies of the Good News Paper based on Mark's Gospel which promote Manna Bible commentaries.

Pentecostal Missionary Church (Tanzania) - led by Pastor Gervase Masanja, who is always alert for ways to help his people, but they are extremely poor, and have almost nothing to work with. It is a constant saga of needs and the Lord meeting the most urgent matters in just the nick of time. Whatever gift you send them, or however often, there will long be a great big need there; for church property, for getting a container of gifts from abroad out of customs, or providing basics like typewriters, computers, or sewing machines, so the people can earn a living.

Library Aid International - founded by Linda Abblitt of Tasmania, seeks to round up used books for children in Africa or other third world countries, and to ship small libraries to these schools that have nothing for the children to read even though they are new readers. Many people have quality used book to donate, but the cost is in the shipping. You can send a gift that will help set up a good library in one or more schools, and know that young lives will be impacted for life. Gift this gift to God.

Ruth Marlene Friesen Your Hostess

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