Gift Ideas Basket

This is an Index to my Gift Ideas Basket, books gift ideas, online malls, all to help with giving generously - so help yourself to whatever you can use."

Do you have some unique ideas for creative gift-giving?

Do you need some good ideas for gifts?

Let's share them on this page. We'll call it the Ideas Basket. If you have some ideas to offer tell me about it on THIS PAGE. If it seems to fit in with the theme of this site, I'll include it here too.

I'll keep adding more myself as well.

Because I've lived on a very short shoestring budget for many years, I've learned to be creative and to make most of my gifts myself. This includes my greeting cards and gift boxes and bags. I am to conduct a craft night at a mission later this month to teach others some of these craft projects. I'll try to take some photos in the process so that I can link some more detailed and explanatory pages from here.

This particular session is to involve several ways to use up old greeting cards that you can't bear to throw out. They can be turned into pretty gift boxes, note pads, even baskets. I'm sure we'll have several more ideas before we're done.

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