Profiles of Worthy Missions and Ministries

These are opportunities for your generosity. I have carefully interviewed them, and checked their references, and even developed frendly relationships with them. You should of course exercise your own discernment and wisdom in giving, and when it doubt, consult God in prayer, but I offer these pages in an effort to help you grasp the basic circumstances and needs of each group profiled.

Searchlight Orphan Care in Malawi, Africa - Pastor Duncan Nyozani has been introducing his orphanage in Malawi, West Africa to me. What impressed me first was that this man is not only passionate about helping his orphans, but he is articulate and has thought through some important dyamics about raising funds for the orphanage Instead of always holding out a hand for support from "rich Americans", Pastor Duncan would just like enough help to start up some enterprises that the orphans could handle. Then over some time they could be a self-sustaining ministry. . . .READ MORE

Children of God Evangelism Ministry (CGEM) - Evangelist Wright has a burning desire to get the gospel to the people. They use mass evangelism, such as crusades, and a cassette discipleship program. They also seek to reach the police, fire service, immigration, and other security people. And they plant churches.

Partners in Mission - Global Mission, of Mali, West Africa
Partners in Mission - Global Mission (PMGM) - since they are in Mali, a predominantly French country in West Africa, they also have a French name, Partenaires pour la Mission Globale et les Ministères. Partners in Mission seeks to evangelize, plant new churches, and train believers in mission work. They organize short-term trips when volunteers come forward, and funds permit.

Revival Time Ministry (RTM) is looking for Christian partners to help carry their load financially and in prayer. They already do many things, as you'll see here, but have a vision to provide sponsorships for girls in Uganda. Especially for about 25 - 50 girls who have often been cast out of their original homes and will end up on the streets if they don't get an education. They have five acres of land for this vocational school, but need funding to proceed. Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako also goes about preaching and teaching, training local pastors and Christian workers to run a better church.

Manna Publications (UK) - prepares Bible Commentaries in easy-to-read English for printing Overseas. This is a unique publishing organization. Rather than being out to create profits for its founders or share-holders, the founders work to provide the manuscripts in a copy-ready state to Christians in third-world countries, ready to be printed and sold, if a good manager or distributor can be found for that area. This means that people in non-western nations who cannot afford the high-priced Bible study materials from European and North American sources, can still have high-quality study helps at low-cost because they are printed in their own country.

Pentecostal Missionary Church (PMC) - A comment from one of the Manna people brought me in touch with Pastor Gervase Masanja of Tanzania, one of the very poorest countries in Africa. He is National Overseer, or Bishop, of the Pentecostal Missionary of Tanzania and Africa. He has a passionate concern to get gospel tracts out the to poor people, and to help them find employment through small mico-business ideas that he would like to start. The average Tanzanian only earns $1 a day, when he has a job. Businesses in more affluent countries should be able to find an eager work force if they located their factories in Tanzania and exported from there. I would recommend that they pay well over a dollar a day however!

Library Aid International (Australia)
Library Aid International (LAI) - grew out of Linda's role as a library consultant to Christian schools around the world. During her three years in South Africa Linda saw a huge need in the schools there and arranged for small shipments of used books to be sent from American and Australian schools. While this was good, it wasn't quite enough and God began speaking to her about expanding this ministry to provide shipping containers full of books at a time. Linda returned to Australia in May 2006 to begin setting up LAI. The long-term vision is for LAI centres in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and USA as well.

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