Oxygen of Encouragement

Caught in the grips of discouragement and despair.

Gloom and despondency all around, An enshrouding mist,

Dark clouds of hopelessness impairing vision

Breathless for encouragement.

Much reflection and deep analysis, straining for a glimmer of light

Vibrant intermittent sparks of enlightenment, rich nuggets of insight

Reflective, restorative mental enrichment

Gasping for encouragement.

Clarity dawning on the distant horizon, beams of hope appear

Incandescent kaleidoscope of enriching thoughts arrive

Reignited mental agility leaps into action

Restorative encouragement.

Radiant, sparkling, intuitive thoughts, bounce into life.

Excitement and appreciation cascade into view

Radiance beams as a verbal waterfall

The oxygen of encouragement has dawned.

Cheerful words are freely shared, freshness in the air

Kindness shines around, reflected on all faces

A new era has dawned, joy abounds

The Eternal Encourager has come.

djs/uk May 2020

Warm regards,


David J Short



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“Explore, Dream, Discover” – Mark Twain

Radiant Resilience

Bursting with joy, sparkling with energy,

A new life is born, innocence personified.

Expectancy rewarded, enshrouded in hope

Peace on earth.

Angelic choir, responsive shepherds

Inspired dignitaries take a marathon trip

Excited parents attend their precious Son

Prince of Peace

Urgent travel arrangements, an unexpected move

A new land, a new culture, a new home.

Constant connection with the angel-messengers

Peace in action

An exciting return back home, a new start

Skills learned, wisdom crafted, faith deepened

A career in view, shining resilience for sure

Peace personified

A Dove appears, a Divine endorsement given

A new era begins, The Word dwells among us

Lives are transformed, sickness healed,

Peace in action

Radiance incarnate walks among men on earth

Faith is taught and caught, vision is instilled

A message of radiant resilience is heard

Peace in hearts