The Global Nomad and Me

You want to meet the Global Nomad and me? Here’s my introduction.

At the beginning two writers were going to keep this blog busy; Ruth Marlene Friesen, (aka A Principled Giver), and David J Short, (aka, Global Nomad). However, with too many things going on in my life, I fell behind for quite a while.

The Global Nomad

However, the Global Nomad faithfully wrote posts as he was able, and introduced us to generous people and ventures as he comes upon them in his travels. It seems only fair that there should be a photo of him available to those – who make a point of finding this page.

Perhaps you are surprised to realize that you already know him?

I’m not surprised. David meets a lot of people, and he makes friends with almost every one of them!

I started to rebuild the rest of the site. I’m afraid I’ve been interrupted with more pressing duties, so it is taking me much longer than I’d expected, but it will be an ongoing project for a long time to come. Please come check up on us regularly.

Still, understanding the value of blogging in getting our messages out there into the public space, I have tried to come post something at least once a week.

As for photos of the Global Nomad and me, you see one above of the Global Nomad, and my photo is on every page of the website proper. But I am waiting for a chance to have new photos taken soon, and hope to add an updated shot of my face here too.

So what do I do? What kind of person am I?

Webmaster, Writer, Editor & Networker –
I’m patient with Baby Boomers; Wanna work on line with me?

Does that sound too cryptic? Okay, I’ll add a little more . . .

As Webmaster

In 1999 when I first went on the internet, I researched self-publishing online, and learned that I would need to promote my own book, and the best way was to have a website about it. I tried a few free sub-domain sites first to get the hang of it. Then I was asked to build one for Western Tract Mission Inc. in Saskatoon. Because I’m a responsible person who takes assignments very seriously, I got that one finished before I got my own book website up.

That came in 2001 when my novel, Ruthe’s Secret Roses was published through

I reduced my volunteer time on the WTM site to just Monday nights, but that site is also well over 1000 pages by now.

As I made internet friends I ended up building websites for other ministries and missions around the globe. In almost each case, I ended up being the maintainer of their sites too. That means I have a stable of over 20 sites that I look after, and only 8 of them are mine.

For sheer necessity, I’ve had to develop skills too, in graphic design. That is, to create image banners and headers, inspirational posters, photo stories. My RoseBouquet readers love the garden photo tours!


The plot for a novel came to me when about 12, but I didn’t start writing on it in earnest until after high school, when working shifts at the telephone office. I lived with that story in my head for about 30 years and re-wrote it about that many times too. Or more! I finally published it in 2001 with Booklocker.

The truth is, that I published a couple of family histories before the novel came out, and I was freelancing articles for various magazines about that time too. So, although I have not made huge incomes or gained fame as a writer, I have been a professional writer for many decades.

It after I began a daily life on the internet, and learning the importance of blogging, and creating websites around topics that I know fairly well, and of course, daily email correspondence with my growing circle of contacts that I finally felt I was writing fluently, frequently, even effectively!

The internet is a writer’s paradise. Words are needed everywhere! And often, those who can’t write are willing to pay those of us who write, to do it for them. I notice though, that nowadays, those not so good a writing are thriving at using videos to get their messages across. There’s room for more of us on the Net! Even if you are helplessly dyslexic!


All those years of polishing my novel taught me to watch for ways to improve my spelling, grammar, punctuation and the sense of a sentence. These habits have made me an editor, and I enjoyed several years as the acting editor/writer for The Reflections put out quarterly by Western Tract Mission Inc. and now as the official, paid editor for The Historian published three times a year by the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan. I rather enjoy this kind of work!

In my case that included the layout work for publication. Sometimes that is seen as a separate kind of work.


Another role/career I’ve been slowly adding over the last couple of decades is to be a business woman who networks and sells the products of others. When the sales work is mainly done by placing ads and banners on websites, it is known as Affiliate marketing. That has become sort of automatic for me. It’s the way I build my websites.

In the last year or so I’ve discovered the potential in recruiting others to sell under my coaching and help, and I’ve learned about Attraction Marketing. I’m giving a couple of hours every afternoon to ease into this in a bigger way, while I am still finishing a book-writing project for the ICM/(WTM) mission’s 75th anniversary, and I continue to work for my MHSS client one night a week. When the book is finished I hope to shift into networking with the new techniques I’m learning.

Baby Boomers

The MLSP community is a tremendous help in learning this, and their enthusiasm is quite infectious. I notice that most of them are of a younger generation. But hey, I’m convinced there are many of my own generation that are quite capable of learning to do this, but they may need a understanding tutor or mentor to help them get rolling in this kind of work. It’s all possible from your computer and/or cell phone.

You see, I’m not the only one who has come a long way by teaching myself. You may have done amazing things in your lifetime as well, so learning and conquering another skill is not beyond you at all. There is no mandatory retirement on the internet! We can ace this too, and maybe help out some younger people as well!

Most of my teaching happens on my several blogs and I will be investing more time in a free mailing LIST you can join that is called, eAction. Not everyone may be interested in all this here, but on the eAction LIST, I will talk freely of the things we need to learn and do to attract others to ourselves and to sell them things that will bless and help them to succeed as well.

You can sign up for the eAction LIST here

If you think you’d like to join the MLSP community (what am I saying? Of course you would!) You can do that from my favourite link to MLSP.

Blessings & Thanks,
Ruth Marlene Friesen

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