Hands of Generosity

Dove, Hand, Trust, God, Pray, Prayer, Peace, Soul

Emptiness and darkness give way to creational excellence
The beauty of the earth emerges with finesse
The Fingerprints of the Creator are seen at every turn
From the dust, He wonderfully forms mankind.

A freed nation wandering in the wilderness
Sought guidance and direction in their lives
The Finger of the Creator crafted the guidelines
Skilfully engraving them on tablets of stone.

The Psalmist declares that the Creator opens His Hand
Satisfying the desires of every living creature
Comprehensive provision from On High for sure.
Meeting every need with skill and thoughtfulness.

Dangers and thieves abound, perils on every side
But His Sheep are safe in His Hands and in His Fathers Hands
Comprehensive safety for all time and eternity
Secure in the Hands of the Eternal Creator-Redeemer.

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