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Let's Learn to be Wise, Discrete
and Truly Generous Givers

Are you one of my kind? - Always wishing we could give generously, extravantly to those in need? We would like to bring wonderful transformations into their lives!

Deep in our hearts we KNOW there is an exhilarating joy in giving, right?

So what holds us back?

Usually it's because we have so little to give.

Then, once we have some money we get confused by all the hands sticking out at us - begging! Some are such professional beggars they can make us feel like dirt if we don't give all we can spare - and then some - to their cause. Sometimes we give to those whose plight tugs at our hearts strings the strongest. Next we discover three or four others whose situation is worse, or someone who is too ashamed to tell anyone of their great need.

What can we do? Where can we go for some sound training in giving wisely and with discernment?

I confess that I have grappled with these questions for years. I have prayed often, sensing that God had given me a generous heart for a major reason. I desire to be a Generous Giver - like God.

Gradually God has given me some insights and discernment as I've studied His principles, and learned to give carefully out of what I have and to draw more resources from Him. I'm still far from giving on the scale I dream about, but I feel it is time to reach out to others like me in this regard.

So this site is about learning to give - wisely (researching carefully), effectively (ensuring that good things result) - and with that exhilarating joy that is hard to describe.

It often happens that those with the most to give don't know where the most worthy causes and needs exist. This site will try to help with some good profiles of causes that I have checked out and found to be sound and worthy of your gifts. If you want to grip on becoming a wise and tactful giver, I'll try to help here.

There is a Books and Gifts section. When I come across a good book on giving, or one that would make a great gift, and other gift ideas I'll put them into this section - and some other shopping links. Often the best gift is money, but it is also a great perk for givers to choose a gift for someone that is just perfect for that person.

For that matter, one of the first lessons I learned was to look at what I had and what I could make and give out of those resources while I practiced good giving habits and methods. So, as I can, I'll toss some giving ideas in the Ideas Basket (not ready yet) - you can use if you have more generosity than resources.

We had a blog section where my friend, the Global Nomad, kept us posted on his discoveries and finds in various countries and places. He has quite the natural skill for meeting people, discovering what they are doing, and their need, and then introducing them to someone else whom they can help, or who might help them. When I could, I posted my own thoughts and views as I learn to be a better Principled Giver. However, I've become very busy with other projects and the Global Nomad has had to cut back his activities too. I've already transferred my posts from the blog this static site proper. You'll find them in the articles sections.

I'm hoping soon to compile the Nomad's posts about generosity discovered in his various travels around the world into ebooks which we can offer to you later.

The articles on giving - and sometimes on receiving, come from my devotional studies on giving in the Bible and should be your regular stop if you are on your way to becoming a generous giver too.

True Givers is where I put reports and interviews or biographies of great givers from whom we can learn. (The best givers are often too demure to talk about it).

Got funds and resources and don't know where to give? Check out the worthy causes and individuals on this site. I'll add more profiles as I'm able.

Not just any and everyone who sends me pleas is going to get a profiled web page. For one thing, I'm very busy with all the ways I'm giving away my time. For another, it takes lots of time to research and review a mission or charity, so it will not be easy to get profiled.

But then, things that are harder to make or find - like diamonds - are worth so much more!

Got a question? Check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, and a way to reach me, and the recommended causes.

If these guidelines raise new questions in your mind, browse around on this site. You may just find the answers. Check the Articles Index, the Givers Index, (real examples), the Ideas/How-tos Index, and Worthy Causes Index

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