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Gift Ideas Basket

This is an Index to my Gift Ideas Basket, books gift ideas, online malls, all to help with giving generously - so help yourself to whatever you can use."

Do you have some unique ideas for creative gift-giving?

Do you need some good ideas for gifts?

Let's share them on this page. We'll call it the Ideas Basket. If you have some ideas to offer tell me about it on THIS PAGE. If it seems to fit in with the theme of this site, I'll include it here too.

I'll keep adding more myself as well.

Because I've lived on a very short shoestring budget for many years, I've learned to be creative and to make most of my gifts myself. This includes my greeting cards and gift boxes and bags. I'll try to take some photos in the process so that I can link some more detailed and explanatory pages from here.

Giving Beautiful and Perfect Gifts - The progression in my learning stages as I've learned about giving beautiful and perfect gifts.

Better Gifts Than Money - How often do you hear of better gifts than money? Let me tell you one such story. From the Bible, no less. (Acts 3:3-7). Let's see what we can learn about giving the best gifts from what happened at the gate.

Tithing Garden Produce - In the beginning, when starting a garden, we should eat the first harvests with thanksgiving and worship before God. By about the third year, when it starts producing well, we should make a more concerted effort to share the produce with God's servants, and with the poor around us.

Internet Millionaires - Have you met any internet millionaires yet? You know there are more and more of them all the time these days, don't you? I imagine you are wondering what they are like; would they be approachable if you are in financial need?

Basic Principles for Dealing with Donors - You need some basic principles for dealing with donors if you run - or work in - a ministry that depends on donations to function.

Which Photos to Send - Whoa! You are sending me far too many photos! Let me explain which photos to send me if you want me to care about your ministry enough to want to help you out.

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish - Do you remember that old proverbial expression, Penny-wise pound-foolish? It is much better to think through our giving plans and methods so that we are not penny-wise but pound-foolish, to use that old proverb.

Children Singing - Just now I'm listening to children singing Christian children's songs, and it is distracting me from writing this.

Recycle Shopping Money to Give to Needy - When I want to buy something online I compare to see which of these portals will pay the greatest rebate percentage on my shopping money, and then click to that store from the best choice portal site. It sometimes takes six weeks or more, but the rebate shows up in my account.

Support Yourself While in Ministry - Not enough Christians are prepared to support you to serve the Lord full-time. If you are one of these good servants, how can you support yourself while in ministry?

How to Prepare to Receive Money Online - You may need to know how to send people money on the other side of the world if they are in urgent need. There are several ways to try, but not all of them work in all parts of the world.

Hospitality for Itinerants in Ministry - If you have received such giving, you will find it easier to offer it. Truly, you can't lose if you offer hospitality to itinerants in ministry. God has promised to reward you.

As Your Personal Friends - Do you make a point of keeping in touch with the friends you have so that it can grow to the point where you can write and ask favours and know your letters will be well-received?

Make Friends and Do Good - Sometimes the secular, or business world, discovers a principle and spreads it as if it is a wonderful truth to live by. Attraction marketing now teaches that you need to make friends and do good to them, solve their problems.

Fast, Easy Way to Give - Not too long ago I followed a tip from a friend in Uganda, and discovered a fast, easy way to give via World Remit Ltd.

Internet Millionaires - Have you met any internet millionaires yet? You know there are more and more of them all the time these days, don't you? I imagine you are wondering what they are like; would they be approachable if you are in financial need?

Live Productive Lives - When campaigning for financial support, seek out the godly people who live humble, productive lives. They will not go for flashy, show-off presentations, but if you focus on God's call to your work, and can report His activities in your ministry - they will respond best.

Hospitality, a Gift to Give Fellow Believers - Have you ever considered your hospitality a gift to give fellow believers? The Bible does!

Friendly Letters, Emails, Videos for Fund-raising - Today, we have so many other options. If you can't express yourself well in written format, or you can't spell worth three beans, how about learning to create videos? Or talking with people via Skype or such online programs? It is almost as good as being there in person!

How to Get Christian Workers Back to Work - Maybe what we need now is an administrative person like Nehemiah to call attention to this, and put the Christian workers to work. Then if those who who are in authority will announce that this is how it is to be done - it will be done!

When You Get Some Back - Give it Away! - Do you know about giving away money that you have already spent? I'm thinking of shopping rebates; when you get some back - give it away! There are tremendous opportunities to do this in the world of online shopping, but there is a way to do it offline too.

3 Ways to Get Still More to Give! - In January I wrote, 'Have More to Give.' I would like to expand on that, to 3 ways to get still more to give. I'm always on the lookout for honest, safe ways to make more money so I'll have more to give.

If these ideas raise new questions in your mind, browse around on this site. You may just find the answers. Check the Articles Index, the Givers Index, (real examples), the Ideas/How-tos Index, and Worthy Causes Index

Let me know your thoughts and questions on giving in response to these articles.

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