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Links and Handshakes with Worthy Sites

Our Global Nomad travels around the world as part of his work and often comes across people and sites that qualify for our criteria.

Below are a few I've found in my research and work that I admire - particularly as they offer aspects to the theme of generosity that I think are particularly helpful. (I have checked out these links in Oct/2021, and culled out those that are dead and replaced some with new links.)

Maximum Generosity - speaker, counsellor, Brian Kluth, has much to say on giving and being a good steward of funds entrusted to you by God.

10 Common Fundraising Mistakes - Mistakes to avoid for maximum effectiveness in funding your ministry. This is useful for ministries that want to make sure they promote their work wisely and legally. This is a page on the site above,

All Nations College - this Christian school is especially focused on preparing people for missions work, and use practical methods to give experience in many original ways.

More links to come as I focus on fresh research.


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