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GenerousMind - Over the years we have been taught to be generous with our money and our time, but in the Idea Economy, who is talking about being generous with our minds?  We believe that a Generous Mind is one that has several key characteristics:

  • 1. observant of the world around it
  • 2. disciplined not to lose the precious thoughts that pass by
  • 3. passionate about knowledge transfer
  • 4. wise to understand what ideas a specific person needs

Being a Generous Mind is not an automatic thing. Some people find it easier than others, but everyone must work to show generosity in this way. Our passion is to help people see the power of being generous with their ideas and to work with organizations around the world to develop content that has a powerful impact on the lives of people. It started in one of those "what if. . . " conversations between friends. What if the world wasn't loaded in favour of a small minority of its people? What if we could look after the planet as well as looking after ourselves? What if a bunch of people tried to exploit the power of new technology to live a little more generously? Read more about the project. . . .

Living Generously
A wonderful way to share with others through this excellent initiative in generous giving.

You will be wonderfully encouraged as you read all the AMEN is achieving. AMEN is a conduit for channelling resources to many overseas Christians working to make a difference in their own countries. An Indian couple making films with a Christian message.

Charity Portal
UK - a Database of 2260 charities.

Northwood Missionary Auctions
(clever idea) A group of Christians holds auctions to raise funds for missions.

Just Giving - UK fundraising
A simple but interesting site about raising funds for charities.

Online Giving Overview
This forum discussion on OSCAR is about online charity giving sites, and how they operate. A nice list of links is provided.
Newly updated with a a fine make-over, this site is good source of missions information for about ministries in the UK and abroad. Especially check out the Forum!

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