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Gifts for Giving

If you love to give generously you are always on the lookout for good gift ideas.

Some have a wonderful knack for spotting just the right gift for each person they know. Others need a plan and some good suggestions.

You will discover some very helpful material and ideas here.

A book lover like myself searches for gifts in bookstores first and foremost.

We have book reviews too, as they come in, to give some guidance and to point out some really excellent gift books.

King Solomon said that when we give gifts to the poor, that is the same as giving gifts to God. Therefore, you'll find some links to get to know some groups who work with really poor and needy people. You will also find a lot more in the Worthy Causes Section on this site.

Since fundraising is constant work that missions, ministries, and non-profit organizations must do to survive, I have some suggestions for an idea that mostly takes advantage of the desire so many people have for shopping online.

I'm also setting up an Ideas Basket Where we can share ideas for good gifts to give. Yes, sure! You may share your ideas and I'll put them into the basket too.

Practical articles on giving generously will show up here as well....!

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