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This is the index to a growing treasure trove of articles on giving and generosity, and how to become a wise and discerning giver.

Index of Articles

For the Givers

Giving Guidelines - Guidelines that I've drawn up from my study of the Bible and my own experiences. There are also many Scriptures on Giving. I keep adding to that list as I study more of them.

My First Gift Has to Be Myself - to the Lord! - If I want to be a godly giver like the Macedonian believers, my first gift has to be myself - to the Lord.

Giving Beautiful and Perfect Gifts - The progression in my learning stages as I've learned about giving beautiful and perfect gifts.

Joy Wells Up! - In the midst of hard times and extreme poverty my overflowing joy wells up in rich generosity.

What Have I to Give? - a question I asked myself before God, and how I discovered my giving resources, and how God increased them.

Excel in the Grace of Giving - Just as I try to do my very best in all other areas of my life - more than 100% whenever I can - I, and you too, please - need to learn to excel in the grace of giving as well. Why?

That There Might Be Equality - It's not that God wants me to be short-changed while others have more, but that there might be equality -a fairness - between those that have, and those that have so little.

Faultless Giving - How can we do faultless giving in the eyes of our Lord, and others? We need to do our giving in an ethical way, so that it pleases the Lord, and those who might watch us give our gifts and donations. But what exactly are those ethical ways? Are there really right and wrong ways to do our giving?

How to Give Enthusiastically - God wants us to let our enthusiasm show! He also commends those who are enthusiastic - especially in giving and sharing with others, because it inspires others and leads us all to victory and many better things; let's learn how to give enthuasiatically.

Give - Sow - What You Want to Reap - What we give (sow) or invest in, will give us a harvest (profit) in a direct ratio - it will be more of what we sowed, or gave. Maybe lots more! Therefore, give - sow - what you want to reap.

Give by Sowing - What's the Harvest? - You may be asking, If I sow by giving, what's the harvest? How will I recognize any results?" That is a smart, thoughtful question! What is the point of giving your money or time if you can't see, or recognize the results? Let me show you some harvests you could be getting.

Jesus' Rules for Giving - What were Jesus' rules for giving to charities, or the needy? Did He spell out any methods, or ettiquette, or ways to decide who is worthy of support?

God Will Provide Resources for Your Giving - The Bible compares giving to sowing seed, and promises that God will provide resources for your giving. That is wonderfully encouraging! But we forget so easily and begin to fret about our lack of resources, don't we?

Weekly Planned Giving - I don't mean to tell you what you must do, but if you are looking for a plan, I suggest this Biblical one. Really, I can vouch for the value of routine, weekly, planned giving.

Better Gifts Than Money - How often do you hear of better gifts than money? Let me tell you one such story. From the Bible, no less. (Acts 3:3-7). Let's see what we can learn about giving the best gifts from what happened at the gate.

Our Poor Countrymen - What about helping our poor countrymen? No matter what place we are in, there will always be poor among us.Often we get so focused on helping the starving poor of some country with some huge disaster because it is in the news. But we are blind to our poor countryman right next door, or just downtown in our own city.

For the Worthy Needy

Which Photos to Send - Whoa! You are sending me far too many photos! Let me explain which photos to send me if you want me to care about your ministry enough to want to help you out.

Can Donors Trust You? - Your ministry in a poor country desires sponsors from western countries - but can donors trust you? I am not saying that there is anything wrong with your ministry. It may be quite noble, and even anointed by the Lord. But do you understand how donors in North America think? Do you know what motivates them to give generously? Or what conditions most of them expect from you?

Fund-raising by Email - If you are fund-raising by email - that is, fishing for charity funds on the internet by visiting website forms and pasting in your prepared write-up about your ministry, and your great need, in hopes of money, I have advice for you.

Fundraising Like a Scam Artist? - Worthy ministries are NOT scam-artists. Or are they? Do your potential donors see you as a scam-artist though? That could explain why they are not responding with donations.

Build Your Own Website for Your Ministry Very practical suggestions for ministries and missions which need to build their own website for a web presence on the internet.

Finding articles on being generous has proved to be extremely difficult. That just doesn't seem to be the slant that most writers take. What words are most commonly searched for on Google instead?

There are oddles of searches for words like charity, donation (lots there!) and donate, fundraising and giving, and volunteer. Those seem to be words - in my mind, anyway, - slanted more to pleading and asking people to give generously - all in an effort to stir up generosity. Whereas I'd like to dwell on the joy that comes when we gladly give to others.

Sure, there are a number of motives for giving, but I want to keep returning to the joy and delight in being able to give, not because we feel coaxed or shamed into it, but simply because a spirit of generosity wells up within us, and we just want to give and GIVE!

I will be writing more articles on giving and generosity, especially wanting to show how to be wise and discerning givers to those who have this desire well up in them. I know what it is like to have one's heart bleeding with compassion, wanting to help others out, but not sure where to start.

You can let me know your thoughts and questions on giving in response to these articles.

Ruth Marlene Friesen Your Hostess

Lessons in Giving

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