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red rose, ribbon and butterfly to bringing up and encourage someone

The little encourager goes on his way
Encouraging people from day to day;
Cheering the faint with a love that is strong
Aiding the brave as he journeys along.
Urging the weak to continue the fight,
Helping his brother to do what is right;
Lifting the fallen, arousing the slow,
Leading the blind in the way he should go.
The little encourager whistles a tune,
Or sings a glad song from morning till noon.
So busy is he, this encouraging elf,
That he hasn't a minute to think of himself.
Happy is he, as he urges us on,
Bringing to action our faith, nearly gone,
Prompting, assuring, restoring our cheer,
Giving new hope in the things that are dear.
The little encourager used to be blue -
And this seems a statement too strange to be true.
His mind was so centered on that little 'me',
That, past his front door-step he never could see
. Then God gave a vision, he woke with a start!
“Come out from your slumber, and give Me your heart!
You're saved to save others, no longer delay!
There's joy in My service! Being it today!
Lord, I would be an encourager, too;
O, banish my sadness, my courage renew.
Give me fresh confidence, trusting in Thee,
That I may rouse others Thy goodness see.
Oh, fill me so full of Thy glory divine,
That love will flow outward through this life of mine.
Lay all of my trouble way back on the shelf,
Make me an encourager, all for Thyself.
               (G. W. Elliott)

From Western Tract Mission, written by the founder and used as a tract for many years. Now in the public domain.

Do you see how much giving and encouraging are intertwined? Even when we have nothing else to give others, we are giving them something precious when we encourage them. But of course, we need to know where to get our supply of courage and encouragement.

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