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True Givers

A collection of stories of exceptionally generous, true givers around the world, sometimes in the most unlikely places - that is what grows here.

Those who are, or have been (as we read biographies) great givers will be profiled here, so that we can learn from them. When possible, I'd like to interview some, and ask questions to draw out lessons from their giving experiences. Some might even be willing to share some testimonials of their giving experiences.

For example, Abraham was a Giver. A Generous one at that!

For many years I had an older pen pal friend who inspired me. I've often said or written to her, "Louise, when I grow up, I want to be a giver like you!" She has passed on to her reward now, but Louise's wholehearted joy in giving still is an example to me.

The Bible has some wonderful examples of True Givers for us to study. Let's start with a good look at a giver like Abraham (You will find my challenge there to count the ways Abraham was a giver).

One inspiring story is of an unexpected and very generous giver on the street in India. Generosity on the Street - Sayora, a woman doctor tells this story.

Provision Through Poor Single Women - As a servant of God, do you appreciate, or despise God's provision through poor poor single women? Maybe you feel so sorry for them and dare not ask them to help you out?

An Interesting Life Story & Testimony to God's Power - It is about Pastor Mohammed, Arab Ex Muslim...Best life story & Testimony(with subtitles). He shares his own life story in a very articulate way.

Trust God, Like Elijah, for Daily Food - If God should send you, like Elijah, to a hidden ravine, and there reduce you to the most elemental needs, and promise to meet those needs, I can testify that you can trust God with an utter abandon! He will take care of you!

Provision Through Poor Widows - God told Elijah to get up and go to the village of Zarephath in Sidon. God told him that He had already commanded a widow there to feed him. We don't read any details about how God did that, but we can be sure He had already commanded the widow. Elijah didn't even have to hunt for her.

An Angel to meet your personal needs. - So God sent an angel to bake him a bun or small loaf of bread, and bring a bottle of water. Not just once, but twice. No scolding, just, "The journey is too long for you; you need to eat." That almost sounds as if God had scheduled this trip for Elijah.

How to Give

You have come to know and care about a ministry in a third world country, and you are ready to help them out. Your next question is - how to send money gifts to them? You have several options, and the choice often depends on the country to which you are sending money. Some options are not available in certain countries. I can give you some basic guidelines. How to send money gifts.

When Supporters-Give-More-Than-You-Need. - Have you ever seen a time when supporters give more than you need? And so the people were restrained from bringing more, because what they already had was more than enough to do the work.

When Leaders Give First - A leader who believes in a project must be the first one to do some serious giving to sponsor it. Then others will follow suit.

How God Funded Ministries-in-the-Bible - So far I've identified 19 methods or ways God raised funds for His work. I am just starting to buckle down to a more in-depth study.

How Much Ought I to Give

Give as you would if an angel
Awaited your gift at the door;
Give as you would if tomorrow
Found you where giving was o'er.
Give as you would to the Master
If you met His loving look;
Give as you would of your substance
If His hand your offering took.

- Author Unknown

[More profiles of Givers to come . . . ]

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