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Trust God, Like Elijah, for Daily Food

Elijah fed by ravens

Could you trust God like Elijah, for daily food?

God used a raven or ravens to bring Elijah his daily food when God sent His servant to hide in the ravine called Keireth. Elijah did not have to make appeals or plead for these provisions. God just took care of them, albeit in a very simple way to a basic limit. See I Kings 17:1-7 for the story.

It is humbling to trust God for our very daily food, never having enough for the next meal until that time comes. And yet, when we submit to such a trying situation with real faith in God - yes, even if it is struggle of the will at first, - we will come to a quiet confidence in our God. Worry and fear fade away, as we become convinced to the marrow of our bones that God really is a loving Heavenly Father, and He is truly providing for us.

As I write that, I realize that this is exactly what God taught me over the 20+ years that I cared for my parents in their home. They expected it of me as their eldest and single daughter. For two years I resisted and wrestled with God in prayer over this. Mainly I was afraid to trust God with such a risky and indefinite future. But I did want to please Him most of all, and though I didn't sense pressure from the Lord, I did feel that He was quietly waiting for me to come around.

One night I woke to a sensation of waves of joy washing over me. I told the Lord, that if that was what He had in store for me, I would - in faith - give up my job and the ministries I had in our local church, and I would move home to care for my parents.

That was a very big move. I had to resign from my job and from 7 responsibilities in the church. The bus ride home took 48 hours and I wept myself dry during that trip. In fact, I was sick for four days when I got to my parents' home.

(In fact, that first night a call came, and the next morning my parents got on a bus going west, for my paternal grandmother's funeral. That give me four days of privacy in which to rest and unwind).

There were many adjustments to make, and I spent hours pouring my heart into my prayer journals. But some years later when Mom's already precarious health got much worse I realized God's wisdom in having me come well before that period so that I would be able to focus on the caregiving without the trauma of my big move.

Mom and me on Mother's Day

Now, I was not to the point that Elijah was, sitting on the side of a trickling creek, and waiting for a raven to drop a single meal-serving of meat into my hand. (I wonder sometimes how many ways he found to prepare that food so he could have a change in taste).

In my case, my parents were frugal and careful, and debt-free with a big garden that used up the whole backyard, so I could eat well. But I learned to become a better cook. As their health failed more and more, I became like Joseph in Potiphar's house. I managed everything, and my parents had nothing to worry about. Their meals appeared regularly on the table. I did all their necessary shopping. I learned nursing skills, and how to discern when to take them to the doctor, or Emergency, and so on.

my Mom and Dad in the caregiver years

Looking back now I am grateful that in the earlier years God taught me to humble myself, be content with what I had, and when I needed something to ask HIM alone, even if it was just postage to write to my pen-pals. He always provided in some rather creative ways. My relationship with Him became far more important than having all that others had, or what I used to think I had to have.

Yes, I could tell many stories of those years, and then the last 10 years since both have them have passed on to their eternal home. How God has blessed me richly since then!

But the point to make here is that if God should send you, like Elijah, to a hidden ravine, and there reduce you to the most elemental needs, and promise to meet those needs, I can testify that you can trust God with an utter abandon! He will take care of you! What's more, you may well end up with a time of blessing beyond that period. Elijah did not die there in that ravine on the diet God provided. You might - but don't count on it! When you've learned to trust Him, He will lift you up again.

Yes, it is very possible to trust God, like Elijah, for daily food - and everything else you might ever need!

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