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Abraham Was a Giver

Abraham was a giver, let me count the ways that I see as I read about him in the Bible;

Abraham was a Giver

1. Abraham invited, or at least allowed his nephew Lot and his entourage - perhaps he had a young family - to come along with him and Sarai when they set out for the new land that God was going to show them, and give to him, and his descendants. Being willing to let other have a part in the blessings he had been promised from God, shows up Abraham's generous spirit right from the beginning.

2. Abraham was a giver again, when he offered Lot the first choice between the fertile valley and the more rugged mountain area in the promised land. To make that offer may have been an extra sacrifice on his part.

3. He was a wise and principled giver again, when he refused the loot or booty after rescuing Lot and all those taken captive in wars and potlitical upheavals of the valley area. He refused to benefit from someone else's troubles.

4. Melchizedek, king of Salam, also a high priest of God came to meet him, and Abraham was a giver of worship to God by giving this priest a tenth of all he owned. That was considered a worthy and generous sign of worship.

5. When God told him to send away Hagar and Ishmael, Abraham loaded them down with gifts so that they could get to Egypt and make a fresh start. It had not been God's way to get the promised heir, but Abraham took responsibility for Ishmael, the son he bore, and Hagar his mother.

6. Abraham was a giver of generous hospitality to those passing by, such as the heavenly visitors. He saw to it that they had shade from the hot sun and a full meal.

7. That is also when he was bold enough to intercede for Lot and his family, and the Lord showed him what distruction was planned for Sodom and Gomorrah. To intercede is to pray earnestly for someone else. There were not 10 godly souls in those cities, but God saw to it that Lot and his daughters were rescued and taken out. (His wife was rescued too, but she looked back with regret).

8. Abraham was a giver on the largest scale when he gave his beloved son, Isaac, back to God. By this time he had learned a tremendously important lesson; God can be fully trusted with the gifts He gives us. Many long-time believers never learn that. If God asks us to hand a gift He has given, back to Him, it is not cruelty but a test of our love and obedience to Him. God has the power to give a new son, or to ressurrect a dead one. We can trust Him utterly!

9. Isaac's life was spared and when he was grown up, Abraham was a giver of the bridal gifts he sent with his servant when Abraham sent him to bring back a wife for Isaac from his old country. The lovely story of Rebecca followed.

10. After Sarai died, and Abraham had buried her and mourned her passing, he married again, and had six more sons. However, he had learned from his experience with Ishmael, and so when these sons were able to manage on their own, he sent them away with gifts. Each one became the head of another nomadic tribe.

If we do a deeper study in the Bible, we might find more, but these ten examples show us that Abraham was a Giver! We can learn much by looking at his examples and incorporating them into our own lives.

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