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Generosity on the Street

(This story was received from a woman doctor friend who had been travelling in India).

"Hello All,

Just wanted to share with you a small story of God's grace and goodness.

I was in India for conference for about 10 days. On my last day, walking on the street, I realized that I didn't have enough Rupees left for a taxi to the airport. No problem at all, I thought at first. Asked some people about Exchange office and they gave some directions, after looking for some time, found out there is no exchange office nearby.

Stopped some taxis, they were asking a very High Price to the airport, as I am foreigner, plus the small taxis had a strike on that day!! Few taxis that were around, were taking advantage of the situation.

So, I had to be in the airport in one hour, had no local money and couldn't agree and bargain with taxi drivers... because of language barriers.

One young Indian boy was coming along the street and I asked him, do you speak English? Yes, he replied. I asked him is there any place where I can change money?

He said, "It is very far from here, are you going to airport?" (he could see my luggage) . I said, "Yes, but I have problem, first. The taxi is asking a very high price, and second I don't have enough Rupees to pay, so, don't know what to do.. I need a place to change money.. as I have to go to the airport asap.

He said, "No problem, I will stop a taxi and also pay for it!" I said, "Oh NO, I don't accept it, if you only stop a taxi and bargain for a real price, it would be fine. I will pay him at the airport as there is an Exchange office there."

He said, "You know, I am a Christian, and every week I give money to the church. Today I will give this money to you and you pay it back to any church!!"

Can you imagine? I was sooo touched and started to cry! I just couldn't believe it!!!

To meet a stranger in India just in time of need and he says 'I am Christian and you can give back this money to any church?' In Hyderabad there are very few Christians. Over 80% are from other faiths.

He stopped a taxi, bargained for the price and paid for it, saying, "It is not problem, pay it back to any church!!" A young 14-15 year old Indian boy!!

How can anyone say it was an accident? I couldn't stop crying as I knew it was from above and One who cares about all our needs no matter where we are!

He just sends His message in the midst of any trouble saying "No panic!. You are not forgotten! I do care for you! I am in control!"

And you know how vulnerable we become when we are in a strange land? We start to panic about everything! I said, "YES, Lord, I got the message; You know that I am in India now and panicking about having trouble going to the airport! Yes, you are here beside me, taking care of me..."

Crying.... and wondering... Interesting huh? How can He find me and care about me when in India, in a most populated place? And send His follower to me with His message just in time of need? But He did!

Isn't amazing?

More then just amazing.


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