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An Interesting Life Story & Testimony to God's Power

Don't you just love to hear an interesting Life Story and Testimony to God's power?

The time we slip into a new year is a good time to shift gears here and switch to a new series of posts; this time profiling missions and ministries that really need our support.

I cannot meet all their needs by myself. But rather than squirm in frustration, I feel it is time to share the needs of my friends with my wider circle of contacts.

Now, we are not into the new year yet, so I thought for today I would share a video I just discovered and it made a huge impression on me. It is about Pastor Mohammed, Arab Ex Muslim...Best life story & Testimony(with subtitles). He shares his own life story in a very articulate way.

Of course, this pastor could use help with his family's work in the very old city of Tyre, which is in great spiritual need.

Here is the video: (Try clicking HERE if it does not show up below).

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