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The Gift of Administration

Who has the gift of administration in your ministry?

Who has the gift of administration in your ministry?

In 2 Chronicles we see how Solomon became king and God asked him what he wanted. Solomon asked for wisdom. In Chapter 2 Solomon got to work on his father David's request that he build the temple for the Lord God. He started out by writing a letter to King Hiram of Lebanon, a neighbouring country to place an order for cedar, pine and algum logs and a skilled craftsman to teach his own people the skills needed to build this large and grand temple. Solomon promised to pay with 20,000 cors (measure) each of ground wheat, barley, and 20,000 baths of wine and also of olive oil.

King Hiram wrote back to accept the terms of the purchase order, asking Solomon to send the food payments, and his men would cut the trees and float them by sea to Joppa, from where Solomon's men could get them up to Jerusalem.

Solomon also rounded up all that were left of the Canaanites in the land and made them slaves to do the hardest work. His own people, the Israelites were made soldiers, taskmasters, and craftsmen.

The building began, and the interior walls were overlaid with pure gold, and the curtains and furnishings were also made. All this took 20 years.

After that Solomon called a huge assembly of the people, to dedicate the finished temple to the Lord God.

We see that when God wants something done, He raises up a man with the right gifts and abilities. To be able to organize resources and people, procure what is needed and schedule the workers is a gift of administration or management. A gift that is not always recognized or utilized. The one who has this gift is not necessarily the one who is the figurehead leader. The leader who knows this and delegates this responsibility to the one who has the gift of administration, is very wise.

I notice too, that Solomon made a detailed list of what he was asking King Hiram to supply. Perhaps here is a clue for when we pray and ask God to provide the resources we need for the assignment He has given us. We have not because we ask not.

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