Giving Guidelines

These giving guideliness that I've drawn up from my study of the Bible and my own experiences are offered here in case you are looking for some to start with in your life. Feel free to adapt or improve on them.

Always give myself to the Lord first, then ask His will in giving to Him by giving to others.

Give with joy - for when joy wells up we know it is of the Lord.

Seek to excel in giving - do it wisely, discretely and with gracious generosity.

I need to know what my resources are - what have I got to give.

Give to those with less than I, not more, so we will be more equal.

This applies when giving to people in need. Sometimes there are people who have a greater salary than I, but they are doing a great work, and need financial help to do it. That's a different situation.

Give Rightly in the eyes of the Lord and others.

Here I mean, discretely, without embarrassing them. I do not mean, giving because they 'expect it' or just to please others.

Let your enthusiasm to give show - someone needs the example for their giving.

Sow what you want to reap.

If you love to see souls saved, give to evangelism efforts. If you want to see people have the dignity of employment or their own business, give to micro enterprise ventures. Choose your giving destinations according to the results you most want to see.

God promises to provide the seed (resources) you need to sow generously - therefore don't hesitate to sow what you have now.

If you've got it - give right away, don't put it off - it's possible to be too late!

God Will Provide Resources for Your Giving

The Bible compares giving to sowing seed, and promises that God will provide resources for your giving. That is wonderfully encouraging!

The Bible teaches us to give weekly according to what we have received

If you are looking for a plan to start giving use the one Paul suggested in 1 Corinthians 16:2. A percentage of gross income works for me.

There are Better Gifts Than Money

Peter and John had no money, but they gave the lame man at the gate the ability to walk!

(I'll add more as I come to learn them).

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