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When looking over a new book, it is always helpful to know what another reader saw in that book. To that end, as we are able I'd like to add some book reviews.

If you have read an exceptionally good book to do with generosity, please reach me via the form and tell me about it. If your review is what we want here, I'll be happy to publish it.

Four Spiritual Giants - by Raymond Brown.

We are introduced to four of the best known Christians of past centuries. Men whose lives and books have had a huge impact on many believers. However, today's generation does not easily discover such meaty books. So this introductory guide is very useful to me. . . . and I would suggest to you.

A Simple, Decent Place to live - The Building Realization of Habitat for Humanity; by Millard Fuller.
Fuller, himself, the founder of this generous and practical organization, tells the story of how it was founded, and how it operates in a way that attracts multitudes of volunteers from all strata of society in numerous countries. This book is very readable; it is hard to put down.

Generosity by Mike Wakely

Generosity - big-heartedness as a way of life - by Michael Wakely.
Fatherless from age two, Wakely found many other good father-figures around him and learned some good lessons about giving gladly. These he shares in stories about his headmaster, and his Uncle Henry, and a Mr. Whicker who was his history and Latin teacher. Each one contributed to his character and understanding of generosity and how it was to be applied.

Tragedy to Triumph - by Frank Retief.
Frank Retief, the senior pastor of a large evangelical church in Cape Town, South Africa, reviews a surprise disruption and wild shooting spree in their church on the Sunday evening of July 25, in 1993. As a result, 11 people died, and 55 were injured, some maimed for life. Using the lessons learned in the after-math, and as he led his congregation to recovery from the trauma, this pastor shares some profound and helpful insights into how Christians should respond to severe trials and suffering.

Waiting for Growth - Devotions from Old Testament Poetry - by Dr. Tan Lai Yongby
This slim paperback is unique. It is written by a doctor, published in conjunction with his church, and dedicated, with profits going to a good hospital with which they share as one faith community. As explained in the introduction, St. Luke's is a 206 bed Christian hospital located in a Housing Development Estate in Bukit Batok, in Singapore. It arose out of concern by certain Christian professional nurses and doctors for the elderly sick in their midst. Eventually eight Christian churches banded together to set up this hospital in their midst.

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