Waiting for Growth

Devotions from Old Testament Poetry

by Dr. Tan Lai Yong

Published by Bethesda (Frankel Estate) Church
as a gift to St. Luke's Hospital, Singapore

This slim paperback is unique. It is written by a doctor, published in conjunction with his church, and dedicated, with profits going to a good hospital with which they share as one faith community. As explained in the introduction, St. Luke's is a 206 bed Christian hospital located in a Housing Development Estate in Bukit Batok, in Singapore. It arose out of concern by certain Christian professional nurses and doctors for the elderly sick in their midst. Eventually eight Christian churches banded together to set up this hospital in their midst.

The author, Dr. Tan Lai Yong, was a young doctor at the time St. Luke's was formed, and recalls the excitement in their churches at that time. He was only involved in small ways at that beginning, and his career took him away to other places as a missionary with this young family.

Dr. Yong has a definite talent as a photographer. the excellent black and white photos throughout the book can speak volumes if you take time to really look at them.

However, he also shares his humble insights as he read his Bible in personal devotional times, waited for the Lord to speak to him, and then recorded the insights that he received. He tells little personal stories from his own childhood, and also the experiences of his two children to illustrate many of the spiritual truths he learned.

Yong tells of times others patiently waited for him, yet he found waiting for God hard. Gradually he learned how important it is to wait, especially on God. He's been long waiting for us!

From his time as a prison doctor, he learned from the Superintendent (Soup) who had come up through the ranks without the high education, that those who were forced to sit and think became more clever than those who had much training. He felt that leaders could be "made" by putting them in a cell and giving them time to "think."

In the Psalms and from other personal life instances, Yong learns more lessons about the value of waiting and how these apply to our spiritual lives. He pauses to insert poetry, and photos, that add to his narrative in a lovely way. Reading this book is more like a cheerful walk through a meadow or park, with a friend swinging your hand than anything else. It is not hard to read at all!

It will not take very long, and you will be glad you did, if you choose to read it.

Ruth Marlene Friesen Your Hostess

Giving Lessons