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Christian Ministries

These are Christian Ministries' sites our Global Nomad found for us. This list has just been updated in October 2021. (If you think yours should be listed you may suggest it via the Reach Me form, but you will need to allow us plenty of time to check out your site and ministry so that we are satisifed it is a worthy one).

Gospel Ministries

Global Recordings. "Telling the story of Jesus in every Language." Language Recordings is one of 40 centres around the world providing Gospel recordings in storytelling form on cassette and CD in over 5,700 different languages. They also provide colourful Bible pictures on A3 size flip charts and A5 size Books. They supply hand wind tape players for village situations were there is no electric available. All so they can hear "the Good News" in a language they can understand - their own.

Literature Ministries

Book Aid - This vibrant and generous-hearted ministry has distributed some 24 million Christian Books over the past few years. They seek to send out a container of such surplus/ previously used books to countries where such material is in short-supply. Their base in London is a hive of activity and there is an excellent second hand bookstore there too. If you live in the UK, you are welcome to visit and also welcome to donate books for overseas.

The Bible Society in the UK
This site is part of a global alliance of 140 Bible Societies around the world, all devoted to raising the spiritual, human and financial resources to make the Bible heard in every land.

Media Associates International. Training TOMORROW'S writers, editors, publishers, designers and booksellers TODAY! More local Christians are writing and publishing because of MAI's professional training. They offer an annual LITT World writing contest, with the winner receiving a conference scholarship to LITT-WORLD.

Manna Publications
Manna Publication's goal is to advance the study of God's word by providing Bible study commentary in everyday English. To facilitate the translation and publishing of Bible study helps in countries where little is available.

Communicating with relevance is a very valuable skill which the Tellit brochures use to the full. The quality of production and connectedness of the selected subjects make these colourful ambassadors of eternal truths very effective communicators.

Medical Ministries

Ministry to the Deaf
Bringing spiritual healing to Deaf and hard-of-hearing people and their families.

Orphanage Ministries

Orphan's Hope
Investing in the next generation is always a wise move. Orphan's Hope is doing this with excellence. Find out how you can become a partner with them - making a difference "one-by-one."

Social Action Ministries

Habitat for Humanity "A Simple Decent Place to Live" by Millard Fuller of Habitat for Humanity is an excellent introduction to the whole concept of this amazing project. It is filled with examples of generosity. Such enthusiasm and vision continue to be "alive and well" throughout the world today as HFH join in building homes alongside potential homeowners internationally. There may well be an affiliate programme close to your home. Maybe you will be inspired to become involved.

Local community initiatives are very welcome and come in many diverse-packages. Citygateway is a very commendable example of such projects bringing a renewed sense of hope into the community in Spitafields London. Their website is interactive.

World Vision International
One of the world's leading development organisations, World Vision has repeatedly shown the way in championing the needs of the poor in our contemporary world - with integrity and courage. Desiring to address the deepest roots of social ills.

Support Ministries

Missionary Aviation Fellowship-International
MAF is a dynamic worldwide partnership. Our purpose is to speed physical and spiritual care to people in places of deepest human need. Remote places where flying is not a luxury, but a lifeline.

Thousands of job opportunities listed at OSCAR in many Christian organizations around the world. The whole site provides excellent information in support of missions.

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