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Charities and Fund-raising Sites

Here's some charities and fund-raising sites our Global Nomad found for us. It is always interesting to check out what he has discovered in his extensive networking with people in many countries. (These links have been tested and updated Oct/2021).

Global Kids
Global Kids educates, activates and inspires youth from underserved communities to take action on critical issues facing our world. It is based in the USA. Global Kids is about connecting children to children around the world. We want to help children broaden their interest in the world. is now a very simple site where you can amaze your kids with Do-It-Yourself activities – Reviews and Advice.

Starfish started as a project to build a school, which would be used as a church and community center too, in Malawi. This has grown into a group of committed people preparing containers full of supplies to other areas in Africa to build and stock schools.

Computers for Charities
A big-hearted recycling project based in Sussex, England, with thousands of opportuntiies to share with worthy ministries via the IT world.

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