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When You Get Some Back - Give it Away

Do you know about giving away money that you have already spent? I'm thinking of shopping rebates; when you get some back - give it away! There are tremendous opportunities to do this in the world of online shopping, but there is a way to do it offline too.

Many store chains have a rewards program. Sometimes you collect points as you shop and when you have 20,000, (or some such number), you can redeem them for other products. However, many of the online stores just give you a cash rebate. How nice is that!

It is easy to think, "Now I can go shopping again with this 'found' or 'surprise' money. May I suggest a better idea? How about if - when you get back rebates - you give them away? This will take care of your problem when you have to excuse yourself with, "Sorry, I have nothing to spare."

There are many such rebate programs. Some are portals to 1000s of other shopping sites, so you just need to login to your account in the portal, then click on the store you want to shop at, and the rest is automated. When you get notice of your rebate, or it is simply deposited into your PayPal account, set that money aside to pass on to someone else in need. If you don't see someone in need right away, set that amount aside. Let it add up for a while. Then, God will make you aware of a true need; "Oh yes! I do have something to give!"

You will be surprised at the joy that springs up in you.

I suggest you - join any or all of these rebate sites, (it's free):
Rakuten USA or Rakuten Canada
myWorld allows you to shop both online and in-person locally, with a printed card, or an app on your phone. myWorld in fact, allows you to shop globally, and in fact, if you invite your friends to join, you will get a small percentage of all their shopping at myWorld places anywhere.

I suggest you start these basic habits:
1. Before you go shopping online, login to the portal(s) above you have signed up with (That's all Free)
2. Click on the store you want to shop at from inside "myWorld" or Rakuten, or GreatCanadian Rebates, so your purchases can be tracked
3. When you get your rebate back - give it away! To a mission, or someone in greater need than yourself.

This will make you a Giver - generous like God!

If these ideas raise new questions in your mind, browse around on this site. You may just find the answers. Check the Articles Index, the Givers Index, (real examples), the Ideas/How-tos Index, and Worthy Causes Index

Let me know your thoughts and questions on giving in response to these articles.

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