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Children Singing

I delight in singing children!

Just now I'm listening to children singing Christian children's songs, and it is distracting me from writing this.

Usually I tell people that I'm not very musical. I can't carry a tune - even if you give me a bucket to carry it in; I can't read musical notes; I need to sing along-side someone else to be able to sing most songs. Yet oddly enough, right now I find myself singing along with these children and ready to raise my arms for all the actions.

I've just thought about this for a few minutes and I realize that I have loved singing these songs since I was a toddler going to Sunday School. When I was in my teens I became involved in teaching in Sunday School, and when no one showed up to lead the singing I stepped in and did it. I did it with joy, knowing that the kids would not judge my singing negatively. They just needed someone to get them started.

For the next three decades of my life I had jobs to cover living expenses, but I lived for my involvements in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Pioneer Girls Clubs, and Junior Church, then later AWANA too. For the longest time I was convinced that I only knew how to related to children.

God brought me home to care for my aged and dying parents - which lasted more than 23 years. At first I was still involved in Childrens ministries at church, but with time I had to give that up to focus on my sick mother. That era taught me a lot about getting along with seniors and adults generally.

I still won't sing solo in public, or with adults, though I do enjoy listening to the great Christian music on just about all my waking hours. Yet, listening to these children - I have just realized that God has graciously developed a musical side in me. It is just very niche specific - with Christian children singing. I do know how to appreciate and worship with the good music when I hear it! Above all though, I love to hear the children singing songs of faith and devotion.

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