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Our Global Nomad has found an organization named, AMEN, that seeks out other worthy missions and ministries and encourages others to share and help them out, sending funds through AMEN. We'll introduce these good folks through the Nomad's interview with them.

The are many wonderful charity projects around the world.
What are the distinctives of AMEN?

The Five Distinctives of AMEN

1 We only support specifically Christian ministries most of which are holistic in nature.

2 All those we support are working in their own countries and are personally known to the founders.

3 Money sent from AMEN goes directly to those being supported.

4 All the AMEN team (including the Trustees) are unpaid volunteers thus minimising our administration costs..

5 Support is not just financial but also includes regular contact, practical advice and visits.

In what parts of the world does AMEN work? India, Philippines, Nigeria and Mozambique.

How did AMEN come into being?

The founder Gareth Bolton was repeatedly meeting Christians in developing countries who had it all except one thing, sufficient resources to allow them to fulfil the calling upon their lives. He felt that the best way to solve this was to let people know of the opportunity to partner with the wonderful work taking place and challenge them to support it through the charity AMEN

Give some examples of feedback and response to some of your projects?

We have many - see each project at

Are there current plans for expansion?

Yes, not only within existing projects but also for many worthy causes we are aware of that could significantly move ahead through receiving funding.

What is the biggest challenge for AMEN?

The economic downturn plus the worldwide price rise in raw materials and basic food such as rice. For instance, the strengthening value of the rupee against the pound means that we need to increase giving to our existing partners in India by several hundred pounds a month just to maintain the level of the last couple of years.

How can folk get involved?

Firstly by praying and then by subscribing to our news letter. You can also join us on an overseas visit and finally of course, you can give!

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