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100 Club 52

There are many admirable projects around the world. Many of these projects are closely linked with us and we have met the folk involved personally. How wonderful it would be to share some resources and thus encourage them in their faithful service. We are forming a club of 100 folk willing to donate £1 or $1 (dollar, or any basic unit in your currency) a week for the next year as a beginning. Then if each of these 100 "Club 52" members would recruit 9 others, we would soon see some £52,000 generated for these projects at the thinking edge of community service.

This would be such a blessing to many!

It may seem almost too small a matter to you, but when 100 friends join together we can accomplish so much. If you would like to donate for a number of weeks or months at once, feel free to do that. It would save on PayPal fees, and insure that we can help these good, worthy projects the sooner!

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