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Enroute - A Cross-Cultural Mission Course

All Nations Christian College, in Hertfordshire, England, started a short term course, called enroute meant especially to prepare people for cross- cultural ministry. This Christian College trains young people to get to the heart of missions, and to make a world of a difference and offers both graduate and under-graduate studies.

Our Global Nomad stopped by there mid-November 2006, just as they were starting this special short course, enroute, and was offered a powerpoint, with permission to share it with others who might have an interest.


So we are offering it to you as a free download. Simply click on the name below this paragraph with the image to download the zipped file. Once on your computer, you can unzip it with your zip utliity program, and enjoy the PowerPoint presentation.

Enroute - (powerpoint)

Please contact them directly if you have any further questions.


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