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International Health Partners

IHP (International Health Partners) is a UK based NGO involved in the pharmaceutical business, receiving donated medical supplies and, working with partners, seeing them distributed as far afield as North Korea. It is a wonderful organisation, closely associated with both Global Hand and Crossroads, that has progressed very quickly in a few short years. Not only is it attempting, like others, to receive medicines that are approaching use-by date, but it is actively working with the pharma industry directly, encouraging the manufacturers to commit a proportion of their new production to be given away for humanitarian purposes. (What a wonderful principle. It sure rings True!)

IHP is under the chairmanship of Anthony Dunnett, somebody well known as a high profile MD individual. IHP, however, is neutral. IHP is in the process of registering a 501(c)3 entity in the United States and has an initial meeting scheduled for May 9th in Philadelphia to meet with prospective directors.

They were, and may still be, looking for one, perhaps two directors (trustees) and one of them willing to be chairman. They would need to be medical doctors.

Anthony Dunnett, his wife, and George Rocke are all wonderful MD people, the sort that you would really get along with. I suggest that you look at the website and especially the “organisation” section which gives detail of the directors, trustees etc.

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